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[ Tiny but Mighty ]
Ultra compact design with greatest compatibility
3.6V/3.7V Li-ion / IMR / INR / ICR:
10440  14500  14650  16340  17335  17500
17670  18350  18490  18500  18650  20700
21700  22650  25500  26650 
* CH1 & CH4: 10440-26650
  CH2 & CH3: 10440-21700


[ Micro USB Charging Port ]
Charge Anywhere
Compatible with all 5V USB power including USB wall adapters, cell phone chargers, solar panel, PC USB, power banks, etc.
* Using with 5V 2.1A USB cable and adapter could make the best use of the charger.


[ Automatic Charging Current ]
Intelligently adjust the suitable charging current
Inset four batteries into CH1-CH4, the charger provide 0.5A for each bay.
Insert two batteries into CH1 and CH4, the charger provides 1A for each bay.
* The current above is under condition of DC 5V 2.1A power supply.


[ 0V Activation Function ]
Revive over-discharged batteries
Save money by extending battery life cycle


[ Temperature Monitoring Design ]
Keeps your batteries cool during the charging
15℃ maximum temperature rise


[ The Safest Charger ]
Safe, Durable and Peace of Mind
CE FCC RoHS Certified
1 Year Warranty
Extra-low Safe Input Voltage
Temperature Monitoring
Flame Retardant Material
Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection


[ MC4 Specification ]


DC 5V 2.1A

Constant Current

1A×2 / 0.5A×4

Cut-off Voltage


Cut-off Current


Operation Temperature


Net weight: 94g / Size: L100×W97×H26.5mm


[ Package Contents ]
MC4 Charger, USB Cable, Adapter, User Manual, Warranty Card 

XTAR MC4 charger is another classic charger of MC series, still portable and cost-effective. Charge four batteries at the same time and automatically distribute the most effective charging current for each slot. With Micro USB charging port, you can charge everywhere conveniently. Meanwhile, LED indicators let you know the charging status anytime.

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