Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 2006, XTAR is an electronic  technology company that integrates R&D, production, sales and service in Shenzhen. XTAR has been specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers, and LED flashlights for over 15 years.
With the high standards of quality control, XTAR products have achieved all major global certifications such as CE, UL, FCC and RoHS. Because of the humanized design, XTAR products have won many international awards, such as Red Dot Award. Till now, XTAR has obtained over 100 patents.
In 2018, relying on the mature R&D department and independent production line, XTAR expands its industrial distribution. While providing OEM/ODM services to clients with special requirements, XTAR is also building a global one-stop charging solution company, to offer professional charging solution customization service to all clients that need someone to solve their power supply, circuit, battery and charging issues, which means when assisting other companies to launch product projects, design a charging solution that suit for the company’s products, inject core technological innovation strength into equipment that needs to use charging technologies such as power supply, battery, charger, circuit, etc. That means, customize professional schemes for clients from R&D to production, save costs and improve efficiency, to finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win result. 

During the process of optimizing product mix and production line, XTAR has established a long-term relationship with distributors, purchasers, and manufacturers from various industries like e-cigarette, diving and outdoor sports, tactical operations, law enforcements, medical, digital products, Hand-held Stabilizers and industrial equipment, etc.
New VI System
In the new visual identity, the straight line and angular typeface of XTAR four-letter logo embodies our strong desire to be the reliable power for customers, echoing XTAR new slogan Power in your hands. The characteristic XTAR blue symbolizes the image of stability, technology, and wisdom. Two crossed lines of supporting graphics are extended and infinite, representing the variety and flexibility of XTAR products.
Brand enhancement of 10th anniversary is more than a visual identity renewal - it reflects our unchanged determination to produce user-orientated products, to provide dependable service. We hope this striking visual identity can give you a refreshing feeling and deliver you the three brand pillars of XTAR: Focus, reliability and innovation.
Brand Slogan: Power in your hands
Since 2006, XTAR has been providing safe, quality, reliable products and dependable services for over 15 years. We honor China’s Got Quality and insist on delivering safety, reliability, and power to your hands.
This power is the power that you can rely on to take control of your own lives, the power that brings you strength and confidence to make you feel rest-assured, the power that strengthens you to take care of your lovers, friends and family!
After more than 15 years of development, the innovation management of XTAR has reached a high level. With engineers account for more than 10% of total staffs, independent intellectual property rights are increasing and ability of transforming technology into achievement is formidable. Staying ahead of new technologies leads to an impressive growth of sales revenues and total assets. 
With all of the achievements, XTAR can meet the requirements of becoming a National High-tech Enterprise easily and at the end of 2016, XTAR was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Financial Dept., and State Administration of Taxation (SAT) together with the first batch of  the companies included DJI, TCL, SF technology in Shenzhen. XTAR also won High Credibility and Contract Performance Guangdong Province-based Enterprise, New Innovation Record for Shenzhen Enterprise and more.
Core Values
XTAR has been focusing on the research and development of batteries, chargers and flashlights for over 15 years. Such concentration comes from our unchanged passion and professional attitude. We pay great attention to every detail, because we believe every detail changes people's lives.
XTAR provides reliable products and dependable services. Your safety and convenience are our major priorities. People in XTAR dedicate themselves to taking social responsibility in environmental protection and improving the quality of people’s lives.
Innovation is the attitude to make things better by continuously improving details. XTAR strives for innovative products featuring high technical additional value, innovative service for seamless communication, innovative management for employee self-development.
Our History
XTAR brand came into conception and determined to make high quality chargers, flashlights and batteries.

Shenzhen Winner Bros Import & Export Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China.

Two years later, Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd was established for the international market.

With the rapid development of XTAR, our own factory was set up in Shenzhen. In the meantime, Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd and our US company XTAR Technology LLC were founded.

The 10th anniversary of XTAR, we upgraded new visual identity and adopted new slogan Power in your hands, which represents our determination to deliver safety, reliability and power to your hands.

XTAR proposed the conception of “One-stop Charging Solution” and expanded the service scope, such as Hand-held Stabilizers, digital products, unmanned aerial vehicles and so on, to provide products and service to clients in need better.
XTAR entered the field of photography chargers, and took the lead in developing the first modular detachable camera battery charger VN2 for professional players, laying a solid foundation for entering the outdoor photography industry.

On the premise of keeping our traditional product lines including chargers, flashlights and batteries, etc., at superior quality, we also extended our scope to advanced outdoor photography chargers, portable and foldable solar panel etc.
Chargers' History
2010.08 MP1/WP2/WP6
The first chargers adopted with real constant current & constant voltage charging method.
WP6 is the first 6 slots charger.

2011.08 WP2Ⅱ
The first charger with 0V Activation and USB Output function.

2012.03 SP2
The first charger with 2A charging current and optional charging currents (0.5A/1.0A/2.0A) to meet different needs.

2013.01 VP1
The first Li-ion charger with LCD display and optional charging currents (0.25A, 0.5A, 1.0A).

2013.08 XP4
The first 4-slot charger that reaches 1A charging current per slot. It's also the first series using different charging methods for different battery types.

2013.12 MC1
Compact design with all the capabilities of a quality charger, micro-USB powered, applies to 10440-26650 batteries.

2014.01 VP2
The first charger that fits all Li-ion battery types, including 4.35V batteries with optional voltages and currents, which successfully foresaw the future demand.

2014.08 VP4
The first 4-slot LCD display charger with optional charging currents.

2014.10 VC2
The first micro-USB powered charger with innovative LCD screen, which displays the charging status in a smart way, a perfect partner for Li-ion/IMR batteries.

2015.01 VC4
The first LCD universal charger that can recognize/display/charge Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries at the same time, including 32650 and C/D size batteries.

2015.08 MASTER VC2 Plus
Breakthrough innovation of a smart charger with countdown timer for each bay, showing time remaining to fully charge the battery.

2016.01 SIX-U U1
The first multiport USB charger that charges 6 USB devices at the same time, whose fastest speed can up to 2.4A per port.

2016.05 ROCKET SV2
The first two-bay Li-ion & Ni-MH fast-charging charger with 2x2A charging current, compatible with 32650/D size.
2016.09 DRAGON VP4 Plus
The first 4-slot LCD charger with USB output function that can precisely test battery capacity, internal resistance and charge battery packs. It can work with all regular Li-ion/Ni-MH batteries.

2016.10 QUEEN ANT MC6
The first 6-slot LCD charger powered by two micro-USB ports. It works with all popular Li-ion batteries, and can automatically choose the suitable charging current.
2017.04 MC4
The first 4-slot Micro-USB charger continues the compact and automatic design of MC series.
2017.11 Over 4 Slim
The first 2-slot fast charger with 4.1Ax2charge current and adopts battery internal resistance testing protection and over-heat protection with battery temperature testing .
2018.04 PB2
The first hand-held portable battery charger has power bank function and magnetic cover design.
The Revolution of Traditional Charger!
2019.11 VC8
The first 8-slot QC3.0 charger, with intelligent charge current auto-match function and current manual selection function.
2020.05 CH2/CH4
The first innovative upright battery charger, breaking traditional charging method.
2020.05 BC4
The first charger for 1.5V Li-ion batteries, and AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries.
2020.11 VN2
The first 2-dock camera battery charger equiped with LCD display, suits for Cannon LP-E6N, LP-E17, LP-E8, Sony NP-FW50.
2021.7 SN4
2021 XTAR SN4: 7-in-1 Multiple Camera Battery Charger
The first Portable Adaptive Charging Hub and Modular Docking Station for Photographers and Videographers. It can charge batteries for Sony cameras, Canon cameras, Nikon cameras, photographic image transmission, electric slider, photographic lights, etc.



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