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[2017-01-10] New Arrival XPK: BUTTON XPK-2 is coming!

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BUTTON XP2, upgraded from previous XPK, has officially released and come to market today. Keeping high quality and high cost effective, BUTTON XPK2 is a nice choice to be a gift for the promotion of your company brand.  


Humanistic Design

Designed with a concave button structure, BUTTON XPK2 can be avoided turning on unexpectedly by squeezing and impacting. It’s effective to prevent from power decrease.


Perfect Visual Effect

Although the size of BUTTON is small, it still brings you a better visual effect because of its 140° beam angle and 5 lumens, which becomes your good helper at EDC, camping, hiking,searching and so on.


Custom Logo

Would you like to get a perfect commercial promotion way? Customizing your own logo on BUTTON and regarding it as a gift to your customer! They will love it and be impressed by your company. 


BUTTON XPK2, open your moment of glory.

Click here to learn more about BUTTON XPK2

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