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[2017-05-09]MC4, more than MC2 × 2 - New Arrival Charger

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Lightweight with micro USB, most portable and compatible

MC series chargers are made for people like simple and cost-effective products. All MC series chargers are extra compact with micro USB charging port, which makes them the most portable and compatible chargers. MC4 is the most lightweight and smallest 4-slot charger, the best choice for the minimalist. Meanwhile, You can use MC4 charger with any USB adapters like cell phone adapter, solar panel USB charge port, USB socket, and so on.


MC4, more than MC2 × 2

MC4 have four slots that are twice of MC2. Furthermore, MC4 can charge two batteries by 1A at the same time, it can charge 2500mAh batteries with 2.7hrs.  Within the small body, MC4 also have great features like the other XTAR chargers do: reviving over-discharged batteries; using the best charging method TC/CC/CV for Li-ion batteries.


Click here to learn more about MC4.

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