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[2017-06-02]XTAR Crew: A Journey to Thailand

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From May, 27th to May, 30th, during the Dragon Boat Festival in China, XTAR staff members took a trip to Thailand. Here are some photos taken during the trip:



Since the start of XTAR, we have the tradition of traveling twice or three times annually. Getting away from our homeland, we experienced different food and culture, which brings us much joy and delight. 
United as a family, we believe that efficiency comes from the combination of work and pleasure. Pleasure not only makes our lives more colorful, but also gives us devotion towards our work and brings our customers more satisfaction.


To make things from good to brilliant, a company should be more than just business. Our products provide power, but the real power that drives us forward is connection and unity. With power in our hands, we strive to step forward and make things better day by day!

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