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[2017-06-07] XTAR Chargers Provide Support to 20700/21700 Batteries

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With the actively support from famous battery companies like Sanyo, Samsung, LG, we’re able to see more and more 20700/21700 coming into our sight, like Tesla Model 3 and the electric mountain bikes. 20700/21700 cells are gradually being used in electronic cigarettes and other kinds of products.
People are looking for chargers that can charge 20700/21700 cells, we’ve also been asked whether our chargers can adapt to these cells, since 18650 cells can no longer satisfy their needs. Actually we’ve predicted the popularity of 20700/21700 cells before manufacturing. Here’s our previous article introducing 20700/21700 cells, and their differences compared with 18650 cells: click me
·XTAR Battery Chargers Provide Support to 20700/21700 Batteries
    With 70mm height, 20700/21700 cells are the tallest common used Li-ion batteries in the market now. With highly adjustable slots, all of the XTAR chargers are capable of charging flat top 20700/21700 cells, except for XP1 and discontinued WP series. Our upcoming products will provide full support to both flat top and button top 20700/21700 batteries, so no need to worry about your XTAR charger being obsolete.
 ·What’s the Difference Between Flat Top Batteries and Button Top Batteries?
    Same size batteries with different top can be put in to same use, while one has a button-like top and the other doesn’t. The button-like top is actually a protective board that keeps battery from over-discharging. However, for massive energy support, like e-cigarettes, protective boards are not required.
XTAR, power in your hands, always in advance.

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  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 11/18/2017 04:56:05 AM
    Message to us: I have the VC4 and 20700s, can i charge them?
  • Reply: Yes, you can charge 20700s with VC4. Thank you for your support.
  • Reply: Yes, you can charge 20700s with VC4. Thank you for your support.
  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 7/13/2017 12:34:04 AM
    Message to us: Am right the VP1 and the VC4 will charge 21700s
  • Reply: Yes, VP1 and VC4 can charge 21700s. Thanks for your support.
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