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[2017-06-08]Focusing is not for camera any more,WK007 already provided

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WK007 From
XTAR WK007 is an elegant warrior with fine figure and excellent manufacturing, overwhelming common EDC flashlights both in function and quality. With the CREE-XP-G3 , XTAR WK007 features 500-lumen maximum output and 191-yard maximum beam distance. An compact shape perfectly combines trustworthiness and appearance. Tactical tail switch with momentary on capability to access four brightness levels and two strobes.
Tactical Design
With the tactical design for EDC flashlight, the WK007 is not only sheds plenty of light on night, but it also provides plenty of functional like strobe, signal model and in order to provide a valuable means of self defense in a situation in Emergency. Intuitive interface ensures unprecedented ease of use.
Adjustable Beam 
With the adjustable focus design, twisting the light head to achieve the spotlight for long-distance viewing and floodlight for up-close illumination, which can cover your lighting demands for photographing, searching camping and indoor. WK007represents the best value in the EDC series of flashlights. 

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