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[2017-10-12]XTAR VapitalyPRO Show

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XTAR is preparing to attend the VapitalyPRO The B2B CONNECTION which will take place on 4-5 November 2017 at the Roma, Italy.


Vapitaly’s first training event professionals and those who wish to open a vape store can become acquainted with the industry's most well-known brands, exchange views with those who have experience in opening a vape store and participate in a business-related training.


XTAR was end up in a satisfactory way on last Vapitaly exhibition and has been established a higher reputation in vaping industry by offering durable batteries and reliable chargers for many years. The number of XTAR distributors is having an unexpectedly increased year by year. We hoping more and more partners can join the XTAR big family and grow up together.


Also one of our mystery guests who can fully charge batteries in only 30 min also will show up his face in the show! Does his performance will make you shocked? Welcome to visit our booth to find out more surprises!


Please do remember to write down our booth number E06 and welcome to make an appointment with us. XTAR can’t wait to be with you guys again. Here we come, Italy!!


Exhibition information:

XTAR Booth# E06



Time: 4-5 November 2017

Address: Roma


Contact information:

Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd 

Tel: (+86)755-25507076

Email: info@xtar.cc

Address: 5th Floor, No.77 Xinhe Rd, Shangmugu, Pinghu Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518111

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