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[2017-11-9]XTAR Sponsors DRT Malaysia Photo& Video Contest

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Love OceanLove IslandLove photography and shoot?


Now you have a chance to publish your works and communicate with other buddies. The Malaysia DRT show organizes two contests to realize this wish for you, one is the 100 Stars Photo Gallery, and the other one is the “show your island life” VLOG Video Contest. Both are held by the DRT (Diving Resort Travel Expo) Malaysia and sponsored by XTAR brand.


Bring your underwater camera and the diving flashlights to begin your diving trip! Use your CREATIVENESS and IDEAS to create a photo/video that shows your most memorable ISLAND experience on the OCEAN!


The most voted person will win the prize: XTAR WALRUS D08 flashlight set! The set includes the D08 flashlight, lanyard, MC4 charger, adapter, USB cable, 18650 3500 mAh*4 batteries, and glasses cloth.


The WALRUS D08 flashlight has a brightness of 2000 true lumens. With a Color Rendering Index of 95, it brings out amazing colors in underwater photos and videos. The 120°wide beam ensures maximum lighting coverage which is ideal for a wide field of view. It can sneak up shy marine creatures with red light mode. The easily operated head switch with tail magnetic control rotary switch which is perfect to adjust the lighting for underwater photography. Power reminding, long runtime and more features to help you enjoy the diving experience!


Contests detail:

l100 Stars Photo Gallery

l“show your island life” VLOG Video Contest


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