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[2018-4-10]After Show Report of the Vape Expo Japan 2018

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On March 29th, 2018 , the first Japan International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition -- 2018 Vape Expo Japan , was Opened at Osaka International Exhibition Center . The event attracted exhibitors and e-cigarette enthusiasts from more than 30 countries and regions around the world to gather together, we have witnessed the vigorous development of electronic cigarettes in the Japan.



Among the many exhibitors of electronic cigarettes and accessories, we have carried dozens of chargers and batteries under the XTAR brand, which has attracted many local Japanese customer and overseas customers. Especial for the new product - PB2, which was shown in Japan for the first time, its unique appearance and functional design is our first portable battery charger with professional power bank function!




You could DIY the capacity of your mini power bank up to 7000mAh , and polished with high-class rubber paint , good hand feeling and small . It also has the function of extremely fast charging, which can fully charge Iphone 7 Plus in 2hrs with 2.1A max output. Equipped with original patented safety technology , - The battery charge & discharge balancing technology makes all of capacity available for use and increase each cell’s longevity . We are still leading the technology!



In this Japan Electronic Cigarette Exhibition , the products of XTAR charger series are loved by dealers and electronic cigarette lovers .

The exquisite appearance and unique functional design make customers in the show eagerly communicate with us about product information. After further understanding of the products, they expressed great interest in our chargers, many dealers and e-cigarette enthusiasts expressed their willingness to buy and left contact information afterwards for in-depth cooperation.




All the time, XTAR’s attitude of being focused, reliable and innovative wins the trust and loyalty of every user. We have always focused on developing high quality products, innovative technologies, and the power in your hands!

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