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[2018-4-25]XTAR PB2 New Product Launch News

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In our daily life, we would need a power bank to charge cell phones, but we don’t know what kinds of cells are inside the power bank and sometimes we will concern about the safety. For most of battery users would need a charger to charge batteries and we always just place the charger on the desk and charge.


What if we create a charger that with USB output function that charges other USB devices like cell phones? Yes, we did and we created the first charger in the market with USB output function XTAR WP2II in 2011 and people liked the function. Why not we make a hand-held portable charger that can be a real power bank? The ideas turned into reality when we invented XTAR PB2, the Revolution of Traditional Charger.


It’s always not easy for a revolution. The normal power banks are made of the same batteries inside but we need to make PB2 compatible with any kinds of batteries with different quality, different brands and different capacity. Innumerable hours were spent in researching and we found the solution called the Battery Charge & Discharge Balancing Technology which makes all of capacity available for use and increases each cell’s longevity. And this technology is patented!


The benefits that the revolution brings to us are abundant. We can protect our environment by changing and recycling any batteries that are not working with new ones with PB2. We can DIY the capacity of our mini power bank up to 7000mAh+ and most importantly, we can control the battery quality inside with no worries anymore.


The foundation of revolution is that PB2 is still a professional XTAR charger. With 2AX1 / 1AX2 charge current, we can fully charge a 2500mAh battery in 1.5hrs and PB2 equips with all XTAR unique features like 0V Activation function revives over-discharged batteries, TC/CC/CV three-stage charging maximizes battery lifespan, multi-protections and so on.


XTAR PB2 – The Revolution of Traditional Charger!

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