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[2018-04-26]XTAR 2018 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo Exhibition

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On April 14-16, the 3rd Shenzhen eCig Expo Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 


More than 1000 e-cigarette brands and accessories from 19 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, attracting customers from 38 countries and regions, 54295 visitors at home and abroad, and a number of media reporters covering the exhibition.



XTAR has been focused, reliable, innovative and committed to providing consumers with safe, quality, reliable products and dependable services for over 10 years. XTAR consumers and distributors are all over the world.



At the beginning of the Exhibition, a crowd of people came to this event, including e-cigarette enthusiasts, distributors and consumers.



A huge crowd gathered in XTAR booth, lots of customers were interesting in our latest products XTAR PB2 and consulted with the product information, and expressed strong intention to cooperate.



E-cigarette enthusiasts were satisfied with our charger, on the spot to buy our products. 



Lucky big turntable draw, the event was HIGH and people were excited, the crowd has been lined up a long line.



XTAR new product -- PB2 is popular with customers.



XTAR CEO Zou Weihua was interviewing CCTV reporter.



XTAR members are in further communication with foreign customers.


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