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[2018-08-31]Start Here, Make a Difference ---XTAR 12th anniversary team-building activity in Jiaochangwei, Shenzhen

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On August 23-24, 2018, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the founding of Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd, XTAR organized a team-building activity with the theme of "step by step, start a new journey, Make a completely new start in 12 years".


On the afternoon of August 23, under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Zou Weihua, we came to the beach with the reputation of “Gulangyu Island” in Shenzhen. The sky was clear, the sea was sparkling, and the colleagues were full of interest.



We had several games: “tug-of-war”,“Jump”, "Joining Together" and “Two people, Three feet” etc.


Members of the company are divided into three teams—red, yellow and blue team. The partners are carefully preparing for the competition and go all out to strive to get the first place.


The game not only enhances the tacit understanding between colleagues, but also strengthens the team spirit and enhances the ability of collective collaboration.



In the evening, company members were grilling on the rooftop. Although it suddenly rained outside, the barbecue in the shed was still in full swing.



After the barbecue, XTAR design department went to the beach to make photographs.



Next morning after breakfast, company members drove back to the office to continue their work.


This team-building activity not only allows colleagues to relax between the intense work, but also further deepens the emotional exchange among colleagues and shows the harmonious corporate culture of the company.


Every year, XTAR organizes various activities to get employees' body and mind relaxed. It not only strengthens their body, but also enhances the cohesion of the company. The activities have gradually become one of our corporate cultures of XTAR and are deeply welcomed by the staff.


For 12 years, XTAR honors China’s Got Quality and insists providing customers with safe, reliable and high-quality products. This kind of concentration comes from our unchanged passion and the love of what we do.

Focus, Reliability and Innovation are always our core values. We will continue to carry forward this concept!


XTAR, powering your lives!

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