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0V activation function - Rescue your “dead” batteries

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In our daily life, some of us have the experience that when we forget to take out a battery of flashlight/e-cig and place it for a long time, we will notice that the batteries won’t work and can’t be charged again. If you use high drain batteries for your electronic cigarettes, you may notice that your new batteries also can’t be charged sometimes when we overuse it. The reason behind that is because your batteries are over discharged and the battery voltage is too low. Misuse of batteries can also lead to over discharge. 
Numerous examples show that the batteries are easy to be over discharged which mean numerous batteries are thrown away every year. It will be a huge waste and bad for our environment. People may think it’s impossible to reuse the over discharge batteries. Before XTAR chargers came out, no chargers could do that. We turned impossible to possible and invented a technology that can revive the over discharge batteries called 0V activation function.
The reason the over discharge batteries can’t be charged by normal chargers is that the battery voltage is too low and can’t be detected. With XTAR battery chargers, the battery can be detected and charged again. For other over discharge batteries, if the batteries are not bad, can also be revived and charged by XTAR chargers.
It's dangerous if you over discharge your batteries. 
XTAR Charger VS Other Chargers Reviving Rechargeable Batteries Video


Will it activate a 0V short-circuit battery? 

No, it won’t. Most of the short-circuit batteries are dead and the charger cannot recognize it. XTAR uses the software to intelligently activate the battery with a very small current within the safety, and the XTAR chargers will recognize it in a short time if it’s a short circuit battery and will not charge and smartly notify users.


Can it activate all 0V batteries?

Not all 0V battery can be activated but it doesn’t mean that we don’t need it. We are customers, too. We know some batteries don’t have to say good bye and can be saved for our customers to save more money. As the high power devices become more popular like e-cigs, the over discharging happens very often in our daily life, even some new batteries. XTAR 0V activation can renew and revive these batteries to be used as normal.


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  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 9/9/2017 02:06:44 PM
    Message to us: can i charge triple a nimh battery on xtar mc2?
  • Reply: Hi, XTAR MC2 can only charge Li-ion batteires, if you are looking for a compatible chargers, you can check MASTER VC2 Plus, VC4, ROCKET, XP4 or DRAGON. Thank you and please tell us if you have any questions.
  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 3/9/2017 07:36:20 AM
    Message to us: Will the 0v function possibly revive Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd for your compatible chargers that support those types... or just li-ions are able to be 0v possible restored?
  • Reply: Thank you for your question! The compatible chargers that support those types can revive both Ni-MH/Ni-Cd and Li-ion batteries. And all XTAR chargers can restore the 0V li-ion batteries.
  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 2/4/2017 12:01:37 AM
    Message to us: How mc2 charger revive the 0V battery? Will i put the negative side of the battery into the positive side of the mc2m
  • Reply: Hi! Just charge the battery normally with MC2 and it will smartly revive your battery and you don't have to do anything. Thank you!
  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 9/26/2016 11:52:56 PM
    Message to us: But, how do we do the OV activation function? What are the steps and what chargers can be used?
  • Reply: Hi,thank you for your questions. You just need to insert your over-discharge batteries into a XTAR charger. And the charger will recognize them intelligently and start 0V activation function automatically. You needn't do any other steps if you want to do the 0V activation function. All XTAR chargers have this function.
  • full name: Anonymity
    • Commenting time: 8/7/2016 02:23:25 AM
    Message to us: I have the moon R2. How do I know when the battery is fully charged.
  • Reply: When the colour of indicator turns to green, it means that your RC2 is fully charged.
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