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Three stages of charging method (TC-CC-CV) - The best way to charge your batteries.

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Many people have the experience that after charging the batteries for a long time, the working time of your batteries is still not long. Maybe you would be cheesed and start to think what’s the wrong with the batteries? Is it bad? The main reason is that your batteries are not fully charged. With TC-CC-CV charging process which can not only protect your batteries and prolong your battery life, but also can make sure your batteries have enough power.
TC means a small trickle current which is used to wake up and restore your batteries at the beginning just like a gentle morning call. Nobody wants to be woken up by a loud noisy which it’s not good for our health. It will be great if the sound is soft and gentle at first and then getting louder gradually. So are the batteries, especially the over-discharged batteries which will be damaged if we charge them with high current at the beginning when we put the batteries in the charger. 
CC means constant current which ensures the fast charging. CV means constant voltage which is used at final step when the batteries are almost full. Most of chargers in the market use CC or CV charging process which is not good for the charging the batteries, especially for the over-discharged batteries and it can even kill the over-discharged batteries with CC charging at the beginning and can’t fully charge a battery. 
Then how to fully charge a battery without hurting it? This question is like how to fully fill the glass without spilling out and also with a good speed? Some people may know that the best way to fully fill the glass without spilling out a drop of beer has three steps. The first step is to tilt your glass close to the bottleneck to let the beer flow with the glass wall inside to the bottom of the glass. This step is to make sure there is a certain amount of beer in the glass. The next step is to let your beer glass stand upright and then you can pour the beer directly, you may notice that after the bubbles disappear, the glass is still not full. So the last step is to pour the beer into the glass drop by drop. These three steps is like TC-CC-CV charging process which is the best way to charge the batteries in XTAR chargers. 

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    Message to us: Agreed completely. The Dragon VP4 Plus does this perfectly, making me feel much more confident if I accidentally drained my batteries a little bit more than I wanted (still safe to recharge, but a gentle starting charge is desireable).
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