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[2015-07-30] XTAR Portugal Gondomar Night Run

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It’s really a great honor for XTAR to have a chance to sponsor and participate in the first Gondomar Night Run, which was held on the evening of July 25, 2015 in Portugal. 
This activity is open to those 18 years (Minors can also participate is they are accompanied by an adult), which consist of two events: Running 10km, with a gap about 300m and walk 6km.
The Gondomar Night Run provides a great opportunity for people to keep fit and also experience the nocturnal beauty of the region that people are unaware, even local. And in the end, after experiencing all this, everybody was willing to come back. 
Seeing people wearing the T-shirt with XTAR logo is really a great honor and we are very happy come back with you all to help to experience this amazing Gondomar Night Run again.
Here is the link of XTAR distributor in Portugal  
Xtarlight Portugal:www.xtarlight.pt

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