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[2015-04-16] XTAR China Sourcing Fair on April 11-14th, 2015 in Hong Kong

Number of visits: Date:2015/4/16
Thanks for the people who visited XTAR booth on these days and we really had a good time with all of you. We are very happy to know that a lot of people are interested in XTAR batteries, chargers and flashlight during the exhibition.
Some of you are looking for high quality products to add in your own catalog or website, and thanks for your trust in XTAR quality products. 
Some of you have heard about XTAR and coming from afar to see our booth and discuss about the chance of cooperation, we feel very proud and thanks for the chance you have given to us.
Some of you are looking for OEM/ODM services, and thanks for the trust in XTAR technology and professional services, and we will make the best and satisfied products better–than-expected. Also we are confident in turning your brilliant ideas into virtual popular products running in the market. 
We believe XTAR will become stronger with all your support and trust in XTAR. Thanks for this show to bring huge opportunity for both of us. Hope to see more new and old friends in next show!

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