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[2016-04-01]Annual Hiking 2016 of XTAR Family

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March 19th, 2016, the day of XTAR Annual Hiking had come with full of expectation and excitement! The memory of last year is still vivid. The laughter we have on the road is still echoing. This year, we continue our challenge of hiking at Xiaomeisha Coastal Path. What is different in this year is that we have more family members to participate in this outdoor activity .


Hiking in spring has become one of the XTAR traditions since we honor exercise and sport spirit as a part of our corporate culture. In addition, we have special fund to encourage people to exercise more after work. Various activities have been held like: sports meeting, badminton match and group jogging. Otherwise, people in XTAR also would like to keep healthy and enjoy the pleasant sensation of sport. This is the reason why we are such an energetic team that likes to keep challenging and moving forward. It is joyful to view the beautiful scenery in spring with the company of our lovely colleagues. What is more impressed is the sense of achievement when we finally get to the destination, which gives us a feeling of proud and confident towards ourselves and our team.


Pursuing our dreams makes our lives better! How far you can get to depends on how much you are willing to push yourself on a journey. Keeping exercise, enjoyment and pursuing, we will get where we want to go.



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