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[2016-05-20]Popular portable USB charger MC1 Plus has been upgraded!

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XTAR strives to develop and provide more quality products. Recently, we upgraded MC1 Plus with a tiny display for your better knowing of battery status during the charging process.
What is on the tiny display? A battery icon and 0.5A/1.0A charge current display.
Each grid of battery icon presents 25% battery power. Estimating how long it would take to fully charge, so you can concentrate more on other works, gain control of your life, no need to check the battery often.
MC1 Plus can automatically choose the most suitable charge current (0.5A/1.0A) for different batteries to maximize battery lifespan. With a charging current indicator, now you can see clearly which current ANT chosen to prolong your battery life.
The upgraded MC1 Plus has a nick name - ANT! Mini but mighty and it is always committed to working for you quietly just like ants. With micro USB charging port, it can be charged anywhere and it can also revive your over-discharged batteries. Click here to find more of ANT!

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