[2016-06-16]Diving with XTAR flashlights in the 4th Dragor Lux Diving Games

Number of visits: Date:2016/6/16
May 27th-29th, the biggest diving event in region sponsored by XTAR - Dragor Lux Diving Games has been successfully held at the Camping Village Simuni, Croatia.
XTAR is always delighted to participate, organize and sponsor events that can develop the spirit of sports. So we have been a solid partner of DRAGOR LUX since the mission of Dragor Lux Diving Games is popularizing diving as a fun and safe event and the mission of XTAR is providing high quality diving flashlight to ensure this fun. If there is any cooperation opportunity, you are welcome to contact us via info@xtar.cc
If you are a diving fan, XTAR has high quality diving flashlights for you to experience the fun and the adventure of scuba diving, free diving, spear fishing, underwater photography and more!
Winners got XTAR diving flashlight D06 package.

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