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[2017-06-30]Declaration of Authorization for XTAR UK Exclusive Distributor

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Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co.,Ltd are very proud to announce that in our continued efforts to meet the huge demand for the XTAR products in the UK, we have appointed Exclusive Distribution rights to a team we believe to be key in driving the XTAR brand in the UK. We hereby announce that XTAR (UK) LIMITED becomes XTAR charger exclusive agent in UK and will be a welcomed partner of Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co.,Ltd. XTAR (UK) LIMITED will service all orders, customer service requirements and returns about the chargers from the UK region. On July 1st 2017 the direct supply chain from China to the UK will cease and all the chargers’ orders must be serviced by XTAR (UK) LIMITED or their own appointed sub- distributors.
XTAR (UK) LIMITED has two distribution hubs to service the UK, in the North and South. Their official website is www.xtar-uk.co.uk, telephone contact details are (0044) 03333 445662. Any technical related issues, please do not hesitate to contact Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co.,Ltd direct and visit www.xtar.cc or email service@xtar.cc. Both ourselves and our UK team will always be on hand to help with any problems.
We firmly believe together we will provide unrivalled service to our UK customers and we look forward to a stronger XTAR Brand with confidence and hope.
Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co.,Ltd
30th, June 2017

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