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[2018-05-08]XTAR ALLMAYBE Brand Official Notice

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ALLMAYBE brand is a new brand of Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd, however, they are complementary. Together, people will be benefit from the diversity and have more options to choose. Two brands share the same people, same factories and are with the same trusted quality that you can rely on.


ALLMAYBE product range includes advanced LCD wall adapters, innovative cables and cost-effective battery chargers. The aim of ALLMAYBE is to extend the product range with advanced technologies and provide cost-effective chargers with tough quality to satisfy people’s different needs.


XTAR will always be focused, reliable and innovative as our core value and continuing providing safe, quality, reliable products and dependable service. Together with the ALLMAYBE brand, not only people can benefit from the diversity, distributors can also use ALLMAYBE and XTAR as a united power to conquer new territories and enlarge the market share.


Here is the contact information of two brands:




Tel: (+86)755-84578562





Tel: (+86)755-25507076 



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