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[2015-06-25] 2015 XTAR Vapor Expo International Show

Number of visits: Date:2015-06-25
Thanks for this amazing show and all the people come to our booth, we are very appreciate and very happy to meet you all!
Some of our old friends come to our booth in the first day after knowing we will come to this show, we are so moved and thanks for the hospitality.
A lot of e-cig sellers ask for samples after knowing more about our XTAR chargers and we will definitely get in touch and help you to expand the market with more reliable products.
A lot of you know XTAR chargers are better than others from the forums and other places but still not easy to find a XTAR charger in local shops, thanks for your support and we know we need to work harder to expand our market in the US and we are confident we can make it easy in the future.
Some of you tell us how to make the publicity material easier to understand. For example, other chargers cut off voltage at 4.15V but XTAR chargers cut off at 4.2V, so many people can’t understand what’s the difference and why is better to cut off at 4.2V? The gap between 4.15V to 4.2V is about 5% power loss, for a 2600mAh battery, is about 130mAh power loss. And thanks for telling us that telling people XTAR chargers can maximizing the power of the battery is easier to understand. 
From this show, we know that a better, safer battery charger is urgently needed and has a great market in e-cig industry in USA. And we are confident that XTAR chargers will always meet people’s satisfaction and needs.

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