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[2016-04-27]New Arrival Charger: ROCKET SV2 is coming soon!

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On May 9th, the world’s first two-bay Li-ion & Ni-MH fast-charging charger with 2A and compatible with D/32650 size will come to market! We named it XTAR ROCKET SV2 which is the perfect combination of advanced technologies, faster and more options!



How much time do you spend in charging a 4500mAh battery or 10000mAh battery? 5-10 hours? ROCKET ONLY takes 6 hours to fully charge 2*10000mAh D size batteries, 3 hours for 2*4500mAh batteries and can charge 2*2500mAh batteries in 1.5hrs! It’s the fastest and the most efficient charger in the market!


In our daily life, most of us just know plug and charge the batteries. Do you know the best charging current to maximize your battery life and save your money on a long run without buying new batteries very often? ROCKET charger has 4 optional currents (0.25A, 0.5A, 1.0A, 2.0A) for you to choose to maximize battery life! Click here to get more tips about how to choose the best charging current.


Do you have a charger that can only charge 18650 or Li-ion batteries? But when you have bigger/smaller batteries or Ni-MH batteries, you have to buy another charger for different kinds and sizes batteries again. With ROCKET, you can put all sizes and kinds of batteries in one charger and charge them at the same time!


ROCKET is more than you can image. Want to know more details about ROCKET? We will release more information about ROCKET on May 9th and hold giveaways to celebrate the new arrival with great prizes! Stay close!!

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