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  • Name: SAMSUNG INR18650-25R 2500mAh
  • · Original blue and green shells from SAMSUNG
    · Every battery is tested and verified by XTAR, to make sure the safety and reliability
    · With 2500mAh big capacity and 20A max continuous discharge current, longer vaping, bigger clouds

genuine samsung cell green/blue

20a max continuous discharge current

2500mah big capacity, enjoy vapig with longer time

li-ion battery samsung inr18650-25R 20A specification

1. Safe

Original SAMSUNG cells, tested and verified by XTAR to make sure the safety and reliability. Special designed multi–protection guarantees safety.

2. Bigger clouds
20A max continuous discharge current and lower internal resistance, a power partner for e-cigarettes.
3. Longer vaping
2500mAh huge capacity provides enough energy and longer working time to vape continuously.
4. Competitive price
Large inventory in USA, Germany and Shenzhen, guarantees short lead time, avoids any troubles in shipping or custom clearance.
5. Flat top
Exact size and easy installation, designed for e-cigarettes
The perfect combination
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