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  • Name: 18650 3400mAh

18650 3400mAh specification: battery capacity 3400mAh, voltage 3.6V, size 18.5*68.5, net weight 47g.

18650 3400mAh Package. Recommended Accessories: battery case.

1. 3400mAh  large capacity
2. Genuine SANYO cell from Japan
3. Specially designed for high-performance flashlights
4. Built-in over-charge and over-discharge protection circuit, maintain a long lifespan
5. Short-circuit protection, ensure safety
6. Environmentally friendly
7. Internal PCB protection prevents voltages outside of 2.5-4.25V.
8. Ideal for flashlight, portable power devices,lighting applications or other devices requiring 3.6V.


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