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  • Commentator: Leroy
  • Commenting time:2017-6-20 02:47
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Looking forward to the WK16 and  18. Both look great. Waiting for sell price!!
  • Commentator: Oğuzhan
  • Commenting time:2017-6-8 20:04
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Good work,

    First of all, I congratulate you for being such a successful company. But I will be on a site like this. I am a customer in Turkey and I can not find the Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus charger and I can not buy it. Such a big company will surely refuse the customers. Please send me the products I want to help. Thank you from now.
  • Commentator: Aquarole
  • Commenting time:2017-6-2 12:25
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: 1) <a href=http://www.garderobmaster.ru/>гардеробная</a> 
    <a href=http://wmza.ru/>гардеробная комната</a>
  • Commentator: Konstantinos
  • Commenting time:2017-5-28 01:05
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Can I charge button type rechargeable batteries with XTAR VC4 ?
  • Commentator: Konstantinos
  • Commenting time:2017-5-28 01:03
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Can I charge button type rechargeable batteries with XTAR VC4 ?
  • Commentator: Konstantinos
  • Commenting time:2017-5-27 05:51
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: I scratched off the coating of the Anti-Counterfeit Label but it damaged and I can’t see all the 18-Digit Anti-Counterfeit Code. I have only the serial number so what about the authenticity of the XTAR VC4 and the warranty of the product ?
  • Commentator: Johndexter
  • Commenting time:2017-5-9 23:58
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Hello i want to know how can i order a charger from you.. Kindly message me
  • Commentator: Phoebe
  • Commenting time:2017-5-4 21:53
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: Hello XTAR! I have problem in entering the anti counterfeit code. The code is 471494 916421 972696
  • Commentator: Petr
  • Commenting time:2017-4-13 03:38
  • Reply Status: Unanswered
  • Comment: hello! How can I order batteries from you?
  • Commentator: Ken
  • Commenting time:2017-4-7 02:30
  • Reply Status: Unanswered


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