After sale
Where can I get after-sales service?
You can get the after-sales service according to the warranty card, receipt or invoice, etc., please visit the warranty process page for more details.
How can I tell if the product is authentic?
You can enter the security code of the product on the anti-counterfeiting query page.
How do I purchase spare parts for my product?
You can contact the place of purchase or contact us directly.
2. Purchase process
When will the order be delivered?
After purchase, it can usually be delivered to your hands in 3-5 days.
Are all XTAR products subject to quality inspection?
In order to ensure that customers receive premium products, all XTAR products undergo rigorous quality testing before shipment.
Where can I buy XTAR products?
You can go directly to the XTAR official store or authorized store to buy.
Can the XTAR charger be recharged with a solar panel?
If the output voltage of the solar panel matches the input voltage of XTAR, it can be charged.
Why are some XTAR chargers not micro USB ports?
1. The contact area of ​​the DC interface is larger than the micro USB interface and has a longer service life.
2. USB-DC data cable can support up to 2.5A current and maximum 30V voltage, so its compatibility is stronger than micro USB.
3. USB-DC data cable is designed according to 5V power input. The interface size is 5.5mm x 2.5mm, which prevents misconnection of 12V power input and ensures safety.
Can the over-discharge battery be activated and continue to be used?
For most over-discharge batteries, it can be activated by the 0 volt activation function of the XTAR charger. If the battery is completely damaged, it cannot be repaired and it is not recommended to continue using it.
Are all XTAR flashlights waterproof?
Yes, all XTAR flashlights are waterproof. For more details, please visit the product page of the flashlight.
Why does the flashlight get hot after a long time of use?
Flashlights generate heat due to high power in high lumens. We use aluminum PCB boards to dissipate heat to the outside world so that the inside of the flashlight does not overheat and the overall temperature is not too high.
What battery does the XTAR battery use?
Most are batteries of Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Sanyo.
3. Account Security / Privacy
Why do I need an XTAR ID?
An XTAR ID allows you to communicate with other members of the site. You can share your thoughts and feedback questions and we will respond positively. In addition, we will use the member ID to extract the winners of some events.
How do I get the XTAR ID?
You can register by email address.
What if I forget my password or username?
If you have forgotten your password, please click "Forgot your password" and we will send you an email with your password reset. Forgot your username, you can log in directly via email.
4. Individual products
Can I use XP4 to charge IMR batteries?
Yes, the XP4 can charge most of the 3.6/3.7V IMR/INR/ICR lithium-ion batteries, as well as nickel-chromium-nickel-metal hydride batteries.
What is the difference between the MC series, the VC series, and the VP series?
1. The MC series is equipped with a micro usb interface and is compatible with all 5V USB power supplies. The compact design is very portable and suitable for travel.
2. The VC series is also suitable for all 5V USB power supplies. The LCD screen shows the relevant parameters so you can learn more about the battery and state of charge. The MASTER VC2 Plus and VC4 are compatible with both Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries. The MASTER VC2 Plus can be used as a mobile power source to charge USB-powered devices from other devices.
3. The LCD panel of the VP series can display the battery voltage more accurately. There are also three optional currents: 0.25A/0.5A/1A. The VP2 can charge all lithium-ion batteries, including LiFePo4 batteries, as well as USB output.
Is it safe to charge the MC1 with a 1A adapter?
It is safe. The MC1 automatically selects the most suitable charging current for the battery, and is compatible with all 5V USB charging devices including USB wall charging, mobile power, solar panels, computer USB and more.
Why are there no adapters in the VC2 Plus and VC4 packages?
Most users already have a lot of adapters, so you don't have to buy a new adapter to reduce the user's purchase cost. If you don't have an adapter available, you can purchase it from XTAR. VC2 Plus and VC4 recommend using a 5V 2.1A (or higher) adapter for optimal charging.
Can I use VC4 to remove the memory effect of Nichrome batteries?
No, other chargers with this function are XP1, XP4.
Can VC4 charge LiFePO4 lithium ion battery?
No, because the cutoff voltage of the LiFePO4 battery is 3.6V and the charging voltage is 3.2V. The charger with this function is VP2.
Why is my VC4 charging with 0.5A instead of 1A?
When the tank 2 tank 3 is vacant, the tank 1 and the tank 4 can be charged simultaneously with 1A. When the four slots are simultaneously charged, the charging current per slot is 0.5A. The input current of the adapter also has an effect. If you want to charge the battery with 1A current, use a 5V 2.1A adapter and place the battery in slots 1 and 4.
How do I know if the D26 I purchased is new or old?
You can browse the instructions on the purchase website or view the user manual. The old new difference is: 1. The old model uses CREE XM-L U3 LED lamp beads, the new uses CREE XM-L2 U3 LED lamp beads; 2. The old model has the largest lumens 1000, and the new maximum lumens 1100. If you are unable to verify, please send us the serial number and we will tell you the result.
What is the maximum voltage that the XTAR 18650 3400mAh battery can reach?
The maximum voltage is 4.2V when the battery is full.
What is the maximum discharge current of the XTAR 18650 2600mAh battery?
The maximum discharge current is 4.5A.
Why does the XTAR charger flash the “Ni-MH” icon for 10 minutes when charging a Ni-MH battery? (ET1, VC2 Plus, VC4, VP4 Plus)?
Because each XTAR charger has a 0V activation function. The voltage of the nickel-metal hydride battery is 1.2V. The XTAR charger treats a battery with a voltage below 2.5V as an over-discharged lithium battery, which is first charged with a smaller current. If a nickel-metal hydride battery is detected, “Ni-MH” will be displayed, and if a lithium battery is detected, “Li-ion” will be displayed. Some over-discharge lithium batteries take 10-15 minutes to activate, so the “Ni-MH” icon will flash during the test.



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