Basic Troubleshooting Guide For Glare Flashlights

Basic Troubleshooting Guide For Glare Flashlights

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Basic Troubleshooting Guide For Glare Flashlights


Today we gonna talk about the basic malfunction and troubleshooting methods of the glare flashlights.


Two Frequent Problems


A. The LED glare flashlight does not light up

The bright flashlight has electricity, but the light source is not bright. The specific circumstances maybe as follows:

1.1. The glare flashlight switch button signal indicator is bright, but the light source cannot light up.

1.2. The glare flashlight doesn’t work at all.

1.3. The glare flashlight can light up, but the brightness is too weak.


This kind of problem usually occurs when the circuit board of the glare flashlight is aging or damaged, as well as the light source is aging or damaged. If the light source is dim, replace the light source or bead with the same specification.


B. The led glare flashlight cannot be charged

1. The charger is damaged or the charger is used incorrectly:

The glare flashlight can light up, but it cannot be charged when the electricity is running out. This kind of problem generally occurs in the following situations.

1.1. The indicator light is off after the charger is plugged in;

1.2.When the charger is plugged in, it will display green, but it will still display green in the charging hole of the glare flashlight when the flashlight (≤4.1V) is inserted. (When charging an undercharged glare flashlight, it still displays green.)

1.3. Use the wrong charger for a long time.


a. Plug the charger into other products of the same type for charging test;

b. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the charger for a short time to check if the indicator light changes.


2. Charge kit internal structure malfunction

The charger has no problem, but it cannot charge anything. This kind of problem is more confused.

2.1. Check whether there are thick flying dust or sundries in the charging hole, or that the charging thimble is not in the center and cannot be contacted normally;

2.2. Remove the charging tail cover and check whether the internal wires have come off.


a. Turn the charging thimble to ensure that the positive and negative poles of the charger can touch.

b. Reweld or connect the wires that have fallen off.


3. It can light up when charging, but cannot without charging.

Inserting the charger into the charging hole can be used normally, but no matter how long it is charged, as long as it is not charged, it will not light up or the light period is short.


This kind of problems and malfunctions are generally caused by battery damage or battery aging. Please replace the battery.


Basic Troubleshooting Guide of Glare Flashlights


If the LED light does not turn on, please perform preliminary maintenance as follows:


1. Determine the malfunction:

unscrew the tail to expose the negative electrode of the battery, and use a metal sheet such as scissors or tweezers to connect the negative electrode of the battery and the exposed non-oxidized part of the bright flashlight body next to the battery to see if it can light up. If it is possible, it is the problem of the flashlight switch, please check according to step 3. If it is still not light, please check whether the soldering at the connection between the circuit compartment and the circuit board is broken. If so, please re-solder.


2. Check the battery:

make sure that the battery has power and load the battery in the correct direction. Do not use different types of batteries, and do not mix new and old batteries.


3. Check the tail cover switch:

Unscrew the tail of the LED flashlight, and you can see that the outer ring of the switch spring has a switch pressure ring with two dimples. Use tweezers or scissors to rotate clockwise on even the dimples. Check if the switch pressure ring is loose, make sure that the switch pressure ring is tightly pressed on the switch and cannot be loose.


4. Before inspection, please make sure that the threads of the flashlight are tightened without loosening. If the threads are not tightened, the flashlight maybe cannot light up or the light is dim.


5. If the problem still cannot be solved according to the above method, please return the LED flashlight to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.





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