How We Test Rechargeable Battery Chargers

How We Test Rechargeable Battery Chargers

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How We Test Rechargeable Battery Chargers


There are so many battery chargers on the market. Smart charger, trickle charger, or even a basic charger with less features and much cheaper price. The most important factors to consider when buying a new battery charger:

1. Indicator to show when the battery is charging or fully charged. This is important to60% of battery charger owners.

2. How many different sizes of batteries it can charge. More than half (51%) found this important.

3. Trickle-charge function. Useful especially if your batteries are small-capacity cells, and key to 45% of people we surveyed.

4. Speed at which the battery charger claims to charge is important to 23% of those we surveyed. Bear in mind that higher-capacity batteries take longer to charge.

5. As the maximum charge a rechargeable battery can achieve decreases over time, many people thought it was useful to choose a charger that shows you how much capacity remains.


Whether it’s your first time buying a charger or youre replacing an old one, its worth knowing what extra features are worth paying for, including the charger quality. As a professional battery charger manufacturer, XTAR exposed its charger product inspection process for the first time. Let’s see how we test our battery chargers.


1. Over ten tests for chargers’ appearance


2. Accurate testing for judging battery voltage after fully charged with professional equipment, keeping the performance parameter deviation within 1%.


3. Aging test. Simulating the daily use of battery chargers, testing the stability of electronic components. Test duration: 1-10 hours.


4. Extreme high temperature test to ensure the chargers’ use safety in extreme environments. Test duration: 1-5 hours. Test temperature: -20℃-65℃.


5. Button press test. Check the service life of the buttons on the chargers and eliminate the bad buttons of the products. Test duration: 1-5 hours, test times: 2000-50,000 times.


6. Interface plug detection. Test duration: 1-5 hours, test times: 2000-50000 times.


7. Anti-drop test. Simulate the battery charger's daily use environment and test the durability of the housing.

The product quality inspection in XTAR is full inspection.


After learned the XTAR product quality inspection process, are you eager to get an XTAR charger? Come to view XTAR battery chargers now.




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