The Best Battery Chargers In 2020 From XTAR

The Best Battery Chargers In 2020 From XTAR

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The Best Battery Chargers In 2020 From XTAR


Americans throw away more than 180,000 tons of batteries every year. Rechargeable batteries can be reused more than 500 times. This is not only better for the environment, but it also saves you plenty of cash in the long run. But, rechargeable batteries can be a real pain if you don't have one of the best rechargeable battery chargers.

As a professional manufacturer for battery charger, XTAR has produced some truly amazing battery chargers that users fall in love with.  


Here are the best battery chargers from XTAR:

1. Best 8-cell battery charger: XTAR VC8 Charger

2. Best 2-in-1 power bank: XTAR PB2S Charger

3. Best charger-analyzer: XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus Charger

4. Best battery charger for vaping: XTAR ST2 4.1A Fast Battery Charger

5. Best affordable battery charger: XTAR MC4S Li-ion & Ni-MH Battery Charger

6. Best battery charger overall: XTAR VC4S Charger


The best 8-cell rechargeable battery charger

If you frequently use 18650s, 21700s, AAs and AAAs in your electronics, the XTAR VC8 8-Cell Smart Charger will keep your batteries juiced and extend their life.

The XTAR VC8 8-Cell Smart Charger can charge between one and eight Li-ion, NiMH or NiCd batteries, including the protected 21700s. The two LCD screens show the charging status of each battery. It’s not big (for having 8 bays) and using USB-C input port is a very nice update.

There are three working modes: charging mode has the currents 3A for one cell, 2A for two cells, 1A for four cells, 0.5A & 0.25A for eight cells with manual selection available. Grading mode does a battery performance test with charge-discharge-charge. The discharge current is 300mA. Store mode discharges cells to either 3.7V or 1.2V (per chemistry). Interestingly this mode can also be used to charge LiFePO4 cells.

Most of the reviewers give positive reviews. Some reviewers bought this device for the batteries in their professional flash units and other camera equipment. And some use it for LED lights and vaping device. They recommend this VC8 charger for continual drain items, such as flameless candles and vape mods.


$39.95 From Amazon


The best power bank - battery charger

XTAR PB2S is a nice update on the first PB2 to take advantage of the now more popular 21700 battery size. 

The PB2S is a 2 slot battery charger with power bank functionality QC3.0 (5V 2A or 9V 2A, max power 18W). The supported batteries are: Li-Ion 3.6 - 3.7 Volt / IMR / INR / ICR in the 18650-18700-20700 and 21700 format. Protected 18650 will also fit. It is available in different colours.

The Danish site reviewed the PB2S charger is usb powered with a USB-C input and a USB-A output for the power bank function. With the supplied cable it can be charger from a USB-A charger and charge a phone that uses USB-C input.

The professional reviewer Jon M reviewed it’s nice Xtar gave the PB2s the ability to charge in low current mode, by pressing the button on the side. This is great for devices with small batteries like fitness trackers and wireless headphones. I like the screen on this as it gives you all the info you want to know.

Jon M also said, this will be my new travel charger because of it’s small size and USB-C input. That said I don’t think I will put it in my pocket to walk and charge my phone just because of its thickness. That said it’s strength really is as a combination device to charge your electronic devices and charge your batteries for flashlights and or vapes especially at it’s low price.


$23.99 From Amazon


The best rechargeable battery charger - analyzer

XTAR has many good Li-Ion chargers, this Dragon VP4 Plus is the new top of line model. It can charge 4 round cell, a 3S battery pack and a smartphone, it can also measure capacity, or work as a power bank and it has a cell resistance and voltage meter. 

This is a sturdy charger. It’s quite large; all the bays will fit 26650 sized cells concurrently. The display is also quite large. The charger requires 12V power from a barrel plug. It is capable of Li-Ion batteries from 10440s to 32650s and Ni-MH batteries from AAAA to D size, with charging current 2A for two cells, 1A or 0.5A for four cells.

Let’s see how the Danish site reviewed this charger.

Testing mode gives an estimate of capacity and will keep an log over tested cells. The usefulness of the log can be discussed, but it is useful if you remove the batteries or turn the charger off before noting the numbers, the log will remember them. 

Internal resistance/voltmeter, this is with separate probes. This gives very consistent results when measuring IR, much better than the typical in slot measurement on some chargers, the voltmeter is also good.

Refresh is used to cycle a cell, can be useful for a NiMH that has not been used for some time. Usb output is both a power bank and a normal usb charger with, it has a auto coding chip, low noise and can deliver 2.4A making it fairly universal.

It is really a good charger, The probes are very neat. The analyzing capability is good, and recording data makes it fairly smart.


$77.50 From Amazon


The best rechargeable battery charger for vaping

The XTAR ST2 is a fast charger for large Li-ion cells with two slots and USB-C PD input. The key features of the ST2 are fast charging up to 4.1A x2 and intelligent temperature control of the batteries being recharged. With the XTAR ST2 we can charge a 18650 2000 mAh battery in just 30 minutes.

Battery temperature monitoring in real time, prevents overheating of the battery, safeguarding its duration and performance. The well-defined LCD display shows all the information on the battery charge status.

The XTAR ST2 charger has a USB Type-C input to connect our ST2 to the power supply (not included) or to another compatible USB socket (power bank etc.). The specially designed Type-C input is available to support the PD2.0 and QC 3.0 protocols, compatible with various adapters.

With the XTAR ST2 charger we have the ability to charge 3.6V / 3.7V IMR / INR / ICR Li-ion batteries of the 18650/20700/21700/22650/26650 format and up to 4.2V with 4A, 2A or 1A for slots. It is also possible to charge 21700 Li-ion batteries protected up to 76mm. Three-phase charging makes the batteries healthier.

Every day we personally charge the batteries at around 1A or 0.5A, as this we consider a good balance between the charging time and the battery life. However, if things are desperate and we have no time, a quick top-up could be convenient, it will still be possible through the selection keys, reducing the amperage to 0.5A, 1A or 2A even during recharging.


$44.99 From AliExpress


The best affordable rechargeable battery charger

The XTAR MC4S Battery Charger features a USB Type-C charging port and uses a mid-level current that balances quick charging with a long battery lifespan.

The USB C port is useful for smartphones, tablets, and countless other electronics, convenient and practical.

Various size cells fit in here, with the largest diameter being the 26650 cell, and the longest being the 21700 cell. You can also charge the AA or AAA NiMH batteries at same time. With its simple design, you just put the batteries in and wait for the red LED to turn to green. The charging current of XTAR MC4S is 0.5A for 4 cells and 1A for 2 cells.

We recommend this XTAR MC4S battery charger because its small size allows for easy portability and the reviewer found it simple to use. Also, the USB C port takes priority. If what you need is a charger then this is a good low cost option.


$12.62 From AliExpress


The best rechargeable battery charger overall

The XTAR VC4S Charger can charge an array of battery types, while displaying the charge progress on an easy-to-read LCD panel. It also has a battery tester and analyzer function.

The XTAR VC4S Charger is great because it can automatically detect and charge Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-Cd (AA, AAA, AAAA, C and D) batteries. This device can charge up to four batteries at a time, and the large LCD screen displays the progress of the charge for each of the batteries.

For specific batteries, you can press the Disp. button on the left to get more detailed charging progress and parameter information, such as charged volume, charging current, voltage and internal resistance.

When the charge is complete, the “Full” indicator comes on with green color light and the VC4S automatically stops charging, an important safety feature.

The XTAR VC4S charger has three operating modes that can be selected with the right “Mode” button. Charging Mode recognizes the type of battery and is adjusted by setting everything automatically. Grading Mode to have the effective capacity of the battery through a process of charging, discharging and recharging the battery. Storage Mode, in case you need to store the battery at a nominal voltage (1.2V or 3.7V) to safeguard its duration if it is not used for a long period.

Only on QC3.0 input can the VC4S charger push 3A into a single bay (and 2A into 2 bays at once). In all cases, 3 and 4 cells at once will charge at current max 0.5A simultaneously. Off QC3.0, max to one cell is 2A, and max to 2 cells is 1A.

All in all it’s a very simple charger, but with some nice bonus features.


$29.99 From Amazon


Note: the price may vary in different time. And all the prices marked here are the retail prices. If you need wholesale battery chargers, please chat with us or by email.





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