Are you ready to take your distribution business to the next level? Look no further than XTAR, the industry leader in electronic technology.

Why Partner with XTAR?

17+ Years Experience

  • Strong R&D Team
  • Professional Marketing & Sales Team

Prompt Delivery

  • Current stock allows for delivery within 3-7 days
  • Bulk orders deliver within 2-3 weeks, Direct factory shipping

International Standard

  • Certified by FCC, RoHS, CE, etc
  • Every production step is inspected by the quality control

After-Sale Service

  • 15-day free replacement policy
  • 24-month free repair service
  • Lifetime technical support on our products



Our Distributor’s Story​

“We have 37 stores and covers the entir territory of Bulgaria. We chose to work with XTAR because they have proven themselves over time with quality and fast execution. We are always looking for quality product, so we found the perfect partner. They are easy to work with and their items are of high quality, so our customers are always satisfied by choosing XTAR brand.” – Elimex

“Ever since our collaboration with XTAR in November 2016, we have witnessed unique growth and sucess in the industry. XTAR has been able to bring cutting-edge technology and innovative products to our valued customers in Thailand. The brand value has been recognized by Thai customers nationwide nowadays. XTAR chargers, batteries, and flashlights are renowned for their performance and safety. The trust our customers place in us is a testament to the exceptional products XTAR provides. Working with XTAR has been an absolute pleasure. Their team is professional, supportive, and responsive. Their after-sales support has always been above and beyond to ensure our sucess.” – Emergencygear backpack

Ready to Get Started?

Join our network of distributors and unlock a world of opportunities with XTAR. Together, we can achieve unparalleled success and redefine the future of electronic technology distribution. Contact us today to learn more about partnership opportunities and take the first step towards a brighter future.



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