As XTAR’s story progresses, our commitment to quality and innovation has been fundamental to our journey, guiding us to become a leading brand in the industry.

Brand Story

XTAR’s story begins in 2006. At the time, we were essentially a small trading company negotiating a market that customers are hard to find good quality products. Our thorough checks indicated that only 60% of the incoming materials matched our exacting criteria. To ensure high quality, we still conduct full inspections, even if it meant sacrificing profits and potentially losing some consumers. Finally, we improved our product pass rate to an amazing 99.7%. To help customers easily recognize us and enjoy our high-quality products and services, XTAR brand was born.

In 2009, a distributor asked us to make a high-brightness searching dive light with 2000 lumens, powered by six 18650 batteries. However, we faced another big problem. There were no chargers in the market that could manage such a high load. To overcome this obstacle, we decided to establish our R&D team. Through countless days and nights of tireless effort, we finally introduced the D30 dive light and the WP6 charger, marking the beginning of our journey towards innovation.

With our own team, XTAR introduced the groundbreaking side-slide switch operation for dive lights and revolutionary technologies like three-stage charging, battery recovery, and adjustable charging currents. These innovations were widely recognized and accepted in the market.

In the next 5 years, technology demands grew and product manufacturing became more difficult, to ensure better quality, XTAR took the decisive step of establishing our own factory in 2014. Embodying pragmatism and reliability, our team crafted products that set benchmarks for safety and dependability. This persistence has been recognized. Since 2016, XTAR has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise three times, holding nearly 200 patents. 

Today, XTAR has become one of the top brands in the industry. When people talk about XTAR, they always think of quality and innovation. This success is a culmination of our 18 years of dedication, accumulation, and unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Like the relentless waves of the sea, we’ve weathered challenges and emerged stronger, firmly positioned at the forefront of our industry. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on our core values, promising our customers more exceptional products and services, and continuing to create a brighter future.

Empowering Journey

Unleashing ‘Quality and Innovation’ Through Charger Line Evolution


XTAR Brand

XTAR brand came into conception and determined to make high quality chargers, flashlights and batteries.


Shenzhen Winner

Shenzhen Winner Bros Import & Export Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen, China.


Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd

Two years later, Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd was established for the international market.



The first charger adopts with real constant current & constant voltage charging method.
WP6 is also the first 6-slot charger.

Protected 18650 Battery

The first 18650 battery with a built-in protection board, enhancing the safety performance of batteries.

The first magnetic switch flashlight, patented for further innovation.



The first charger with 0V Activation and USB Output function.



The first charger with 2A charging current and optional charging currents (0.5A/1.0A/2.0A) to meet different needs.



The first LCD display charger on the market, capable of accurately showing battery voltage, selected charging current, and charging status. Optional charging currents (0.25A/0.5A/1.0A)


Pioneering the Micro USB interface, compatible with lithium batteries ranging from 10440 to 26650 models, our single-slot design accommodates a variety of battery types. Environmentally friendly and meticulously tailored to meet users’ practical needs.


Rapid development of XTAR

Our factory was set up in Shenzhen. In the meantime, Shenzhen XTAR Electronics Co., Ltd and our US company XTAR Technology LLC were founded.


The first charger with a real-time LCD display, showing charging current, battery voltage, and the amount of charge delivered, providing users with a clear and convenient charging experience.


Ultra-compact 2-slot USB charger for Li-ion batteries(0.25A, 1A).



The first charger capable of simultaneously displaying the charging status of Li-io-and Ni-MH batteries, including 32650 and C/D-sized batteries.


Dragon VP4 PLUS

The first one is a charger for 11.1V battery packs with USB output function, capable of accurately measuring voltage and internal resistance like a multimeter.


Over 4 Slim

The first dual-slot rapid charger, with a charging current of 4.1A×2, features battery internal resistance testing protection, overheating protection, and conducts battery temperature testing.



The first hand-held portable battery charger has a power bank function and magnetic cover design.The Revolution of Traditional Charger!



The first 8-slot QC3.0 charger, with intelligent charge current auto-match and current manual selection function. It also adopts battery internal resistance test, real capacity test, and storage voltage adjustment.


The first AC and USB dual input LCD charger for Li-ion and NiMH batteries.


AA 1.5V 3300mWh Li-ion Battery

The first-generation 1.5V AA rechargeable lithium battery is designed with a 3.6V core, providing stable power by stepping down to 1.5V. Compared to traditional NiMh batteries, this lithium battery charges faster, delivers more power, has a longer cycle life, and exhibits no memory effect.



The first charger for 1.5V Li-ion batteries, and AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries. And the first charger with USB output for disposable Alkaline batteries.


The first modular detachable camera battery charger. XTAR entered the field of photography.


AA 1.5V 2700mWh Li-ion Battery

The first battery with a low power alert function, it timely reminds users when the device is running low on power, ensuring that the device is not affected by insufficient battery at crucial moments and enhancing the user experience.



Pioneering CVSA technology, our innovative algorithm manages the charging of Ni-MH batteries. With more precise charge termination, lower battery surface temperatures, and faster charging, it achieves full charging without overcharging—an industry-first innovation.


AA Li-ion 4150mWh Batteries

New generation rechargeable 1.5V AA lithium-ion battery with 2500mAh rated capacity. Low voltage detection with LED indicator.



First intelligent charger compatible with the widest range of battery types. Compatible with 1.5V lithium, 3.6V/3.7V lithium, 3.2V LiFePo4 battery, and 1.2V Ni-MH batteries.


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