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Hello, I’m a spearfishing athlet from Algeria, I’m sending you photos of a Xtar D26 1100LM flashlight that I have found under the sea at 14 meters depth, the flashlight was loosen in the sea for minimum 1 year, it was all covered with algae and coral, after cleaning it well, the battery was dead, I changed the battery and it lights up.
just to let you know that Xtar is the best Top. THANKS


XTAR Model: D26 1100

These are outstanding numbers to be certain and should serve those fulfilling SAR duties well. I am fortunate in that my most extensive SAR duty to date has involved looking for the TV remote trapped between the sofa but suffice to say that should I need to call upon it for more serious matters, I’m confident the S1 will serve me well.

XTAR Model: S1

Very useful chargers for your batteries different sizes and voltage. The one of the best charger Xtar PB2S is perfect solution for all . Functionality for testing battery is one of my lovely function, but not for Xtar Batteries. 🤣😂 Just do it and believe Xtar for all professional charger, Batteries and torches. Good solutions for many applications. Other good charger for 1.5V AA or AAA Batteries is LC4

XTAR Model: VC4SL, LC4, AA Lithium 2700mWh Battery


I was diving in Croatia, the Adriatic sea, in the Kornati National Park.

During this dive at a depth of around 23 meters I saw something on the bottom of the sea. To my surprise it was the flashlight.

The flashlight laid there for about a year maybe more. I took it with me to clean it and put in vinegar for 1 day.

To my surprise after cleaning the flashlight and charging the battery everything worked.

Anyway keep up the good work.

XTAR Model: D06

The charger supports both NiMH and LiIon batteries and will automatically detect the chemistry of the battery that’s inserted for charging.
Thanks to the spring loaded terminals, the charger can support all common battery sizes.
I’ve tried everything from my smallest 16340 cell to my largest, protected 21700 and 26650 and everything fits easily.

XTAR Model: VC8S

I’ve been using xtar 3.7V 800mAh Li-Ion AA rechargeable batteries with my A20TX and have been very happy with the performance! I get through most days with 2 sets of batteries. At 2mW, with phantom48, I can get about 5 hours of operating time.

Device: A20-TX transmitter

XTAR Model: 14500 800mAh Battery


I’ve swapped out my worn-out Play & Charge kit, which I’ve been relying on since Xbox One 🙈. While it might not be the most thrilling topic, I’ve genuinely been impressed with these batteries. They powered me through Tomb Raider, GTA San Andreas, The Outer Worlds, plus the Peril on Gorgon DLC, and my controller is still running with the second pair.

Device: XBox

XTAR Model: 1.5V 4150mWh AA Battery


Been using this XTAR MC2 charger for almost 5 years and still it gives me the best charging experience 

XTAR Model: MC2

Whenever I can use rechargeable batteries or batteries, they are very convenient and easy to change to be always prepared.

This pack includes the charger, compatible with AA/AAA batteries and a set of both types.

I’m using the triple A’s on my Xbox controller and it’s crazy how long it lasts 🥰

Device: Xbox

XTAR Model: L4, 1.5V AA 3300mWh Battery

Xtar products don’t doubt I always use this charger when my vape battery weakens without waiting for a long time with super fast charging battery is full and ready to be used again.
I like the most charger than other brands I Love XTAR.

XTAR Model: SC1 Plus

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