XTAR MiniSuper D20 Press Diving Light

Compact Light, Diving Might . Tiny Yet Powerful, Light Yet Tough . One Hand Operation, Easy Switch Among Brightness Sett

XTAR Pointer DL1 Dive Light

Lead The Way Clearly . 2000M Ultra Long Green Beam, A Can’t-Miss Light For Diving Instructors . Helpful For Underwater

XTAR Dive Beacon SD1

4-color mini dive beacon - your trusted companion for safer dives!

XTAR D20 1000 lumen Dive Light

D20-1000 LED dive light comes with a delicatedesign and a size of about a finger, making itextremely comfortable to be c

XTAR D20B 1000 lumen Dive Light

Compact Light, Diving Might,Small backup light mounted on mask or helmet

XTAR DS1 1000 lumen Dive Light

Dive Bold, Hunt Bright Magnetic slide control spearfishing dive light. It has high effective light in hole hunting, lobs

XTAR Hunter DH1 1600 Lumens Dive Light

Dive Boldly, Hunt Brightly. Brighter & Farther, Born for Spearfishing. Light Weight, Sleek Look, Easy & Convenie

XTAR D06 1600 lumen Dive Light

Depth Meets Control: Slide, Dive, Illuminate,A dive light with easy one-hand control.

XTAR Whale D26 1100 lumen Dive Light

Basic Light, Endless Possibilities,Your best partner as a primary or backup light.

XTAR Whale D26W(Warm) 1000 lumen Dive Light

Versatile as primary or backup light,beneficial for underwater photography and videography.

XTAR D26 1600S Dive Light

Dive with Spotlight Confidence,Unveil the depths with its 5°spot beam, reaching 538m.

XTAR D26 2500 lumen Dive Light

Lighting the Underwater Mysteries.Your trusted partner for cave and wreck diving.


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