[2016-09-23] New listing: DRAGON VP4 Plus is finally here!

Sep 23, 2016 | XTAR

On September 23rd, DRAGON, a high-end charger that accurately detects battery capacity, voltage and internal resistance, is on schedule and is on sale. It has four major functions including: rechargeable battery pack, lithium battery and nickel-metal hydride battery; battery repair / detection mode; detection of battery internal resistance; USB output. As a new member of the VP series, DRAGON maintains a high degree of precision and reliability. It is no exaggeration to say that it is like a private doctor of your battery.
Rechargeable 11V 3S battery pack
Is the reliable battery pack charger not easy to find? DRAGON can not only charge lithium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries, but also meet the 11V 3S battery pack charging requirements. In a balanced charging mode, make sure that each battery in the battery pack is fully charged. DRAGON is able to take care of your battery pack with all your heart and soul, fully satisfying the needs of hobbyists to charge the battery pack.
Detect battery capacity
Do you feel that your battery is getting less and less durable? Or have you suspected that your battery capacity has been falsified? DRAGON’s detection mode can sweep away your questions. In the detection mode (operation mode: charge-discharge-charge), the charger can detect the maximum discharge capacity of the battery, so you can know the true capacity of the battery and its availability.
Detect battery voltage and internal resistance
Maybe you still don’t know if your battery will have internal resistance? Under normal circumstances, batteries with excessive internal resistance will limit the discharge of the battery to a certain extent. Equipped with a pair of test leads, DRAGON can detect the voltage and internal resistance of the battery and display them alternately, so that you can better understand the status of your battery.
Eliminate the memory effect of NiMH batteries
If your battery has a memory effect, it is definitely bad news! But don’t worry too much, just put them in DRAGON and turn on repair mode, so you can easily eliminate the memory effect of nickel-metal hydride batteries and maximize their capacity.
For a better user experience, we added a new sound alert feature to DRAGON and upgraded the larger LCD display for added convenience. This also highlights our brand philosophy of “focus, reliability and innovation”.
DRAGON, your battery’s private doctor, will bring you a higher quality of life.
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