[2016-12-06]Aixda Traditional Group Activities–Top of Wutong Mountain

Dec 06, 2016 | XTAR

On December 5th, 2016, the Axel team successfully climbed the Wutong Mountain, the first peak of Pengcheng with an altitude of 944 meters. This is a very meaningful and accomplished activity for the Axal team because it is a great challenge for us both physically and mentally. Although the process of climbing is long and hard, when we reach the top of the mountain, the scenery that is so beautiful in front of us can not help but forget all the exhaustion when going up the mountain, and the heart is silently proud of our team. All the efforts were not in vain, and our team once again conquered Wutong Mountain. At the top of the mountain, we harvested the most beautiful scenery at the terminal.

Every year, Axel Electronics Co., Ltd. organizes such mountaineering activities to enhance the cohesiveness and perseverance of the Axda team, which has gradually become one of the traditional activities of Axel. The spirit of sports training, as part of the company culture, has received a high degree of attention and attention. As a dynamic team, Axel’s employees are always able to maintain a high level of enthusiasm to develop better products and provide the best service to every customer. The spirit of focus, reliability and innovation will always encourage us to overcome all difficulties and move on.


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