[2016-04-05]Axel is awarded the highest energy efficiency rating of the US Department of Energy

Apr 05, 2016 | XTAR

Axel’s SIX-U six-port charger, 5V/2.1A adapter, 12V/2A adapter and 12V/1A adapter are currently certified to the highest level of energy efficiency (energy efficiency level 6) in the US energy sector.
In December 2004, the California government passed legislation to address energy efficiency standards for foreign energy suppliers, calling it the California Energy Efficiency Council (SEC). By 2016, the US Energy Department has established an import standard for energy efficiency as a foreign supplier, and it came into effect on February 10 this year.
The latest energy efficiency regulations and our company are willing to take social responsibility, produce high-efficiency and high-quality products, and reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions. Axda will continue to make short-term benefits to the long-term interests and to be ahead of the competition in energy conservation and environmental protection.
Passing energy efficiency level 6 is just the first step on the road to green and efficient. Axel is willing to take the lead in providing more efficient products to its customers and occupying more market share as a distributor with leading high-efficiency products.
Leading the way, to be the forerunner of protecting the earth!


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