[2016-07-15]XTAR – Power in your hands!

Jul 15, 2016 | XTAR


(This slogan in English is available to the public on the official website and forum in June)
This solicitation activity has been actively participated and supported by users all over the world. In particular, it has been recognized by professional users in foreign forums. Thank you for your understanding and support of XTAR. We are very gratified and encouraged by the full trust in the quality and reliability of XTAR. In the end, we agreed that the slogan “Power in your hands” better communicates the XTAR mission!
Here is the author’s explanation of his work “Power in your hands”. (Martin is a medical engineer living in Austria and is a flashlight enthusiast for many years)
XTAR – Power in your hands
It’s not just the raw energy stored in the XTAR battery.
Not just the energy of the light produced by the XTAR flashlight
It is also the energy transferred by the XTAR charger for efficient battery charging.
This energy is rigorously tested and quality controlled by XTAR’s engineering team, ensuring maximum safety and customer satisfaction, re-production and transportation to every XTAR user, allowing them to release this lightly power.
When this energy is in your hands, it is the moment when all your ideas and the mission of XTAR products blend. Now, you control it!
(Martin original translation)
Congratulations to Martin for winning the winning prize of $1,000! And thanks to Martin for a detailed explanation of the slogan! At the same time, we also describe this in more detail:
Since 2006, XTAR has been adhering to a focused, reliable and innovative brand positioning for ten years. We represent “good quality in China” and we also insist on delivering safe and reliable products and spirits to every user. I hope that XTAR’s down-to-earth, perseverance and continuous positive energy can become the dependence of every user’s life and thus control your own life. I also hope that this energy will give you confidence and strength to take care of your family, love and friends!
At the same time, this reliability and trust is also the foundation of XTAR’s innovation and pursuit of perfection. We must use advanced technology to let every user and fan who is professional or ordinary feel the positive energy of our XTAR products!
XTAR – Power in your hands!


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