XTAR 16TH Anniversary Contest

Aug 19, 2022 | XTAR

16 years ago, XTAR began its journey to provide charging solution for you and today we are overjoyed to announce that XTAR is officially celebrating its 16th anniversary!

To follow the trends, XTAR upgraded most of the best-selling battery chargers to USB-C input and longer battery channel. Also XTAR developed modular-adjustable camera battery chargers for those photographyers who travel a lot and carry more than one camera. To solve the problem of constant discharging until battery dead, XTAR released rechargeable 1.5V AA/AAA Li-ion batteries which have power indicators.

Thank you for supporting us in the past long time. We couldn’t have done it without you!

To show our appreciation, we have some really exciting events and announcements to share with you!

16th Anniversary Contest

We are holding a photo contest on our official Facebook and Instagram page. If you have any of our items, just take a creative photo, share it with us and then get ready to be the winner. The prizes are our best-sellers.

1st winner: VP4 PLUS x 1 + 18650 3300mAh x 1

2nd winner: PB2S x 1 + RC2-200 x 1 + 18650 3300mAh x 1

3rd winner: VC4 PLUSx 1 + 18650 3300mAh x 1

If you are a new XTAR fan and have no XTAR item, it doesn’t matter, we prepared a quiz contest for you. Once you are the winner, you can get our new-release product – one set of rechargeable 1.5V AA Li-ion batteries and LC4 charger.

Enter on Facebook or Enter on Instagram

Specia Offer

VC4S $22.99 on Amazon

SN4 $49 on Amazon

VC4H $21.12 on Aliexpress

We also suggest you to join our Facebook group to avoid missing out our other giveaways and deals. We’re thrilled to engage with you. Good luck to everyone and looking forward to many more years to come!


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