XTAR Rechargeable 1620mWh AAA Lithium Battery for Peak Performance

Apr 03, 2024 | XTAR

In a world where energy reigns supreme, XTAR steps up to the plate once again, shattering expectations with its latest creation: rechargeable 1620mWh 1.5V AAA lithium Battery. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a journey into the new generation of energy solution.

This XTAR battery shines bright with its impressive array of features and user-friendly design, empowering you to power up confidently in areas such as gaming, home care, and consumer electronics!

Key Features & User Friendly Design

1)Robust Constant Power: Say goodbye to the days of voltage fluctuations and unstable performance. With our battery’s 1.5V 2A constant output, ensuring your medium to high-power devices operate optimally and unleash their full potential.

2)Fast Charging Time: Tired of waiting for your devices to power up? This battery redefines convenience with 1.9-hour fast charging. No more impatience during long waiting for charging, but immediate satisfaction of your needs.

3)1200 Cycle Life: Over time, opting for rechargeable lithium batteries proves to be the most cost-effective choice. One of our batteries is equivalent to 1200 disposable batteries, substantially saving both money and energy!

4)Extra High Capacity: With an impressive capacity of 1620mWh (1000mAh), our battery surpasses standard AAA 1.5V lithium batteries of the same type. Whether you’re energizing your favorite gadgets or tackling high-demand tasks, it has you covered.

5)Low-Voltage Detection: This feature enhances reliability as the battery triggers a low power alert at 1.1V, allowing devices to detect it. It prevents devices from abruptly shutting down during operation, ensuring a smoother experience. With no memory effect and multiple protection mechanisms such as a leak-proof design, users can rest assured of a worry-free experience.

Wide Range of Applications

•Outdoor Activities: Ensure uninterrupted power for outdoor essentials like tracking cameras, security cameras, and weather stations, regardless of extreme temperatures.

Entertainment Enthusiasts: Dive into your favorite entertainment with confidence using Xbox consoles, VR game controllers, children’s toys, wireless microphones, and KTV wireless mics – all backed by stable power and rapid charging.

Smart Home Devices: Enjoy ample power for your smart home gadgets such as beauty appliances, beard trimmer, electric toothbrushes, and blood pressure monitors, ensuring they’re always ready to serve your needs.

Industrial Applications: In high-precision industrial applications, devices such as handheld measurement tools and remote sensors also benefit from the convenience and reliability of AAA batteries.

New Generation, New Power!

So what are you waiting for? When you’re experiencing frequent power depletion or instability with your AAA-powered devices, it’s time to switch to our rechargeable 1620mWh AAA lithium battery!


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