Hobby RC car charger unboxing – XTAR New X2 and MC4S

Jul 09, 2020 | XTAR

Usually the RC controller for an RC car doesn’t come with its own rechargeable batteries. Maybe these are AAA batteries required. If you have aaa rechargeable batteries and they would fit in. That’s a good opinion. Because these controllers burn through the batteries quickly. So if you have rechargeable ones, they would be very practical cost efficient.

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries don’t fit the RC car anymore? You are wrong! The typical RC buggy takes this type of battery. And just like the controllers, they burn through the batteries very quickly. So you need rechargeable RC batteries and RC battery chargers. Let’s see the RC car charger XTAR X2 and MC4S review video made by Ron Brown.

RC car charger – XTAR NEW X2, XTAR MC4S

RC buggy battery – XTAR 18650 batteries

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