Questions And Answers About The XTAR SN4 Camera Charger

Feb 25, 2022 | XTAR

XTAR SN4 was the first camera battery charger that adopts modular design to make it available for multiple brand of cameras at one charging. No matter you use Canon LP-E6N or Fujifilm NP-45A batteries. Maximum 4 bays charging at one time, with a XTAR 45W adapter it provides 4 times faster charging. Sounds very interesting! Here we prepared a list of questions and answers about this SN4 charger to make it work at its best.

Q: Why we recommend you to use PD3.0 or QC3.0 adapter for SN4 charger?

A:The traditional charger usually uses 5V adapters in the purpose of powering one or two batteries in emergency. However, the charging speed is very slow, due to the limited power of adapter. So, our SN4 was designed to be a fast charger which can be connected with PD3.0 and QC3.0 adapters like XTAR PD45.

If you use 5V adapter and install 4 batteries in SN4 charger, you may find that the LED indicators of SN4 are flashing but there is no volume charged in the batteries. That’s because different brands of adapters have different rated work current, and the insufficient power cause the abnormal charging. So we suggest you to use our 45W adapter or other adapters with higher power.

Q: Why we recommend to unplug the charging cable and remove your batteries before changing the charging docks?

A:The header and charging dock of SN4 are electrically conductive through the spring pin and the copper sheet. When replacing the charging dock, the spring pin and the copper sheet may be misaligned or short-circuited. This may cause irreversible damage to the header or the battery itself in the slot for a long time. So the customer is required to cut off the power when replacing the charging docks.

Q:Why the LED indicators of SN4 sometimes flashes fast but sometimes slow or even no light?

A:Our SN4 charger automatically adjust the charging current of every slot based on the power of adapter, installed battery quantity and the internal resistance of batteries. It will use different flashing frequency for different charging speed. The larger charging current, the faster flashing. In details:

Charging current 3A, LED lights and flashes in 5HZ

Charging current 2A, LED lights, and flashes in 2.5HZ

Charging current <2A, LED flashes in 1HZ with no light

In addtion, if the SN4 charger is detecting the internal resistance of batteries, its LED will also have no light.

Q:How to fast charging urgently?

A: XTAR SN4 is a smart camera battery charger. It can adjust the charging current to the maximum allowance of the battery based on the installed quantity. So if you need a single battery urgently, we suggest you to charge that one seperately and let other slots vacant. And if possible, using a high power adaper to let the charging faster.

Let’s say if you are NP-F970 users, connecting your SN4 charger with XTAR PD45 adapter, then the charging current of the XTAR SN4 can reach 3A x 1, 2A x 2, and 1A x 4.

Take another example with LP-E6NH. Due to the LP-E6NH can max withstand only 1A charging current, the charging speed of a single battery is the similar with that of 4 batteries (with XTAR PD45 adapter), even though the power of adapter is sufficient.

After reading these tips, are you more excited to get your chargers? Come to find out the wide compatibility and package-buying details of the XTAR SN4

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