Test And Review For XTAR AF1 Mini Ozone Generator

Jun 09, 2020 | XTAR

With the development of science and technology, and the continuous extraction of natural resources, the demand for fresh air in the living environment is increasing. There are various types of air purification equipment on the market.

Many households have purchased air purification equipment for homes and vehicles one after another over the years. Recently, XTAR launched the AF1 portable ozone generator, which releases ozone to disinfect and purify the air, can effectively improve the environmental odor while sterilizing. 


The product packaging is relatively simple, with brand logo on the side of the box. On the front of the matte shell, you can vaguely see the product. The official name is “Mini Ozone Generator”, model AF1. Seen vaguely, the silver body matches the black and white packaging.

The AF1 product parameter list.

It can produce 50gm/h of ozone at a power of 3W. If it is enough for using in a space not larger than 10㎡.


① When deodorizing a large space, the O3 concentration is less than 2mg/m³, which will not affect the human body;

 Do not let children touch. People and animals should leave the room when the AF1 works;

 After the work is completed, fully ventilate the space before entering.

The design of stainless steel cover guarantees the strength of the fuselage, and the small holes all over are the ozone outlet.

The body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and the overall metal texture makes the product full of high-end feeling.

AF1 has also passed RoHS, FCC, CE and other certifications. It has enough homework in export certification, and the requirements of these certification standards are quite high.

There are four working levels for the AF1 ozone generator. The maximum level is suitable for 3m³. XTAR AF1 is positioned for ozone disinfection in a small space. 

In order to increase the spatial diffusion effect of ozone, even the back of the product is designed with two circles of holes.

Due to the good portability, the product size is designed to be small with one hand, and the layout of the operation area is relatively compact. From left to right are the on/off button, USB TypeC charging port, working level/power indicator, and lanyard hole.

The integrated design of the indicator light makes effective use of resources and is one of the design highlights.

The standard lanyard looks very useful and can be hung anywhere.

User Interface & Operation

Thanks to the simple overall design, AF1 only has a multi-function button, which can realize functions such as on/off and working level adjustment. Press and hold the button for about 2s, the blue light flashes and the product is turned on. For working level adjustment, short press the button.

Ozone has many effects, the most important is deodorization and freshness:

* Deodorization. The main components causing odor and spoilage in nature are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide and so on. Ozone can chemically react with them to oxidize and decompose it into non-toxic and odorless substances, so as to achieve the effect of deodorization.

* Keep fresh. A large amount of negative ions can be produced at the same time as ozone is produced. Some negative ions in the air can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables and delay their metabolic process. At the same time, ozone can kill the pathogenic bacteria that cause the rot of fruits and vegetables, and decompose metabolic wastes such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, and aromatics during the storage of fruits and vegetables. In this way, under the action of ozone and negative ions, it inhibits the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and the growth and spread of microbial pathogens, thereby delaying its subsequent ripening and aging, preventing its deterioration, and achieving the effect of preservation. Studies have shown that ozone can extend the storage period of food, beverages and fruits and vegetables by 3-10 times.

In an empty office, simply adjust the working level to the maximum, about 1m away from the person, you can’t feel the smell of ozone, and can have a partial air sterilization effect.

For those who drive every day, it is necessary to have one in the car.

I ate some food in the car before, which caused some smell to remain in the car. Let’s test the AF1 deodorization effect.

Open the AF1 to the fourth level before getting off the car, and open the door after about 1h, the air odor disappears. What a surprise!

The bedroom often has some odor due to poor ventilation. If it is winter, opening the window to ventilate is a relentless lash for the indoor temperature. In these environments, the air purification function of AF1 is maximized.

Although the nominal amount of ozone released is not large, keep the AF1 on at a reasonable time schedule, such as resting or playing in the yard. After going back to the room, the air condition improved significantly.

The bathroom often becomes very humid due to bathing, and the salty and moist smell will inevitably be left in the air. After the simulation test of closing the door, the humidity in the bathroom has not changed significantly, but the smell has become normal.

Occasionally there will be some smell in the study or in the wardrobe. AF1’s performance for bookshelf smell does not feel much effect, after all, books only have the smell of ink. But the deodorizing effect in the wardrobe is remarkable.

If the bathroom is an area where odors are frequent, the focus of deodorization in the home is the kitchen. There will be an unpleasant odor at the place where cooking utensils, tableware, seasonings, food, etc. exist for a long time. XTAR AF1 can solve this problem.

Deodorization of refrigerators is a problem faced by all households. Some foods with obvious odors are stored. Even if they are taken away later, the taste will still be lingering. AF1 measured in half a day (about 4h), the bad odours in the refrigerator was significantly reduced.

Battery Life & Charging

  • Battery life: under the fully opening to the fourth level of the device, respectively carry out “Children’s room test 2h + in-car test 1h + bathroom test 2h + bedroom test 4h + refrigerator test 4h”, subtotal 13h, plus sporadic use in other areas, total About 20h, AF1 is still the original power of the original factory, and the endurance capacity must be very good. Looking through the outer box, I also found that in the content of “durable time”, it is markedly 4 days of use time! So…… You can rest assured to use for a long time.


  • Charging: AF1 has nominal 5V 1A charging input. In the picture both the original Apple and Huawei charging adapters are 5V 1A charging. The AF1 does not support the fast charging protocol.


The XTAR manufacturer did not use the obviously outdated Micro USB as a charging port, but directly used the USB TypeC input. The matching charging cable was separately designed with the “XTAR” brand logo.


The indicator light turns on during charging, at this time the working level light is automatically switched to the power indicator.


Charging real-time data is 5V current, 0.4A current, 2W power. Combined with the nominal battery capacity of AF1 1600mAh, this charging efficiency is completely acceptable.




The actual use range of XTAR AF1 mini ozone generator is very wide. Whether it is home or travel, or even an open place such as an office, its is sufficient to provide air purification support with portability. However, due to limited power, it is recommended to use it for a long time when the space is too large, and to maintain indoor air circulation properly, which is one of the effective methods of air purification.


As the XTAR official website’s warm reminder says, you need to pay more attention in actual use, such as the use environment, AF1 working level, use process, oxidation reaction and other factors.


Buy the XTAR AF1 at Amazon or XTAR official retail website.


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