Upgrade Your Power with XTAR New 4000mAh 18650 Battery

May 22, 2024 | XTAR

With its compact size and powerful performance, the 18650 battery has long been a top choice for flashlight and electronics enthusiasts. Now, XTAR has been upgraded based on the original ones. The new 18650 4000mAh battery not only increases the capacity, but also maintains XTAR’s high quality. This will bring a better experience, allowing users to enjoy longer power support.

Overcoming Obstacles: Redefining 18650 Battery Standards

In the 18650 battery market, there are many brands are available, but finding the reliable one can be challenging. Many reputable brands offer capacities from 2600mAh to 3500mAh, with the highest reaching 3600mAh. Unfortunately, a lot of unknown brands exaggerate capacities to attract customers.

A customer bought “18650 4000mAh” batteries from an unknown brand on Amazon. After testing, he found that it was less than 1300mAh, with some even lower than 800mAh. Similarly, another user attracted by a brand claiming 9900mAh, but the result showed that they were only around 1200mAh, significantly lower than advertised. Now, our battery is ready to make a real difference!

Higher Genuine Capacity You Can Trust

Through professional testing by XTAR lab, our battery boasts a genuine capacity of 4000mAh, approximately 12% higher than same types on the market. This means that the device can achieve longer working times.

Consider the XTAR D20 Press diving light as an example, which is powered by a single battery. With this 4000mAh battery, it can run continuously for around 3.4 hours. Whether you are exploring underwater or outdoors, XTAR batteries can reliably provide power, ensuring you can enjoy activities without worrying about exhausted power.

Stability, Durability & Safety

What’s more, the max continuous discharge current of 10A ensures the stability of device operation. Over 600 cycles without frequent replacement, money-saving and eco-friendly. Built-in protection circuit, you don’t need to worry about any abnormalities during charging, discharging or long-term storage.

Our Customers’ Voice: Why Our Batteries Shine Bright

Based on their real usage experience,customers provided feedback highlighting their overall impression of our batteries:

“ Always a good experience. Fast shipping, neatly packaged secure boxes for the highly reliable cells. I tested these batteries for mAh and they perform better than advertised. Very impressed with the quality. ” – From XTARDIRECT

“ These Lithium Batteries are great for flashlights and most battery operated toys. Easy and quick to recharge. ”- From Amazon

As a leading manufacturer in the power industry, XTAR understand the importance of reliable and long-lasting battery support for underwater illumination, household devices, industrial use and professional work. With the introduction of the new 4000mAh protected 18650 battery, it’s time to choose XTAR for your power needs!


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