XTAR 4-Bay Chargers List Guide

Jul 09, 2020 | XTAR

When choose a specific charger, somehow you may struggle with which one you should choose. 2 bays or 4 bays? If you have several batteries and are likely to get more, 4-bay battery chargers dont cost too much more.

Hottest XTAR 4-bay chargers are:


XTAR MC4S is a basic 4-bay charger with USB-C input power for charging various lithium ion and nickel metal hydride batteries. The two side channels CH1 and CH4 can install 26650s. And the longgest battery can be unprotected 21700s. It also support Li-ion and NiMH batteries to be mixed charging. When the batteries are fully charged, the MC4S charger will intelligently stop charging. The seven safety protection functions in the MC4S ensure safe use.

If you have a very limited budget for chargers, the XTAR MC4S is perfect. It is really a good safe and affordable charger that can always meet your basic charging needs.


XTAR VC4 was rated as one of the best vaping chargers in 2020 by Business Insider. It has a wide compatibility, charging various Li-ion and NiMH batteries. You can install the max battery 32650 to both side channel CH1 and CH4. It will intelligently choose the charging currents from 0.1A to 1A after detecting your battery status. The LCD screen clearly displays the real-time charging status like charging current, battery voltage, and charged volume. The USB input port makes you charge your batteries anywhere you like.


XTAR VC4S is the upgrade version of VC4. On the basic of VC4 functions, the VC4S charger has three new functions. Firstly, it adapts QC3.0 fast charging with constant current max 3A for single slot if you use a QC3.0 adapter and keep your battery in a low internal resistance. Secondly, it can test batteries real capacity in grade mode by charging-discharging-fully charging the batteries, so that you can know whether the capacity of your batteries are over-stated. Finally, in storage mode, it can charge or discharge your battery to the rated voltage to make sure the battery be stored under the best status. If your battery is not used for a long time or used for a long-distance transportation, this function can maximize your battery life.


XTAR NEW X4 charger has dual input ports to make you choose a suitable one in different scenarios. You can use power cord for AC input port indoors and mobile phone adapter for Micro USB port outdoors. It can charge not only 3.6V/3.7V 14500 to 26650 Li-ion batteries, but also 1.2V Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries. The longest battery size can be protected 21700 batteries.

It intelligently selects the charging current among 0.5A or 1A for 4 bays and 2A for 2 bays, that means it can fully charge two 18650 2500mAh batteries in 1.5 hours with 2A constant current. The LCD screen can clearly display the real-time charging status. In addition, it has a special function – USB output. With a battery in channel 4, it can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile phone, flashlight, GPS and other devices, which is very convenient when outdoors or traveling.


XTAR Dragon VP4 Plus is the flagship charger. It can be your persional battery doctor. As a charger, it can charge 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion batteries 10440 to 32650, 1.2V Ni-MH and Ni-CD batteries from AAAA to D size, and 11.1V 3S battery pack. You can charge four 32650 or D size batteries simultaneously. And you can choose 0.5A, 1A or 2A charging current, that means you can control the charging current by yourselves. As a battery tester, it has test mode to test battery real capacity by charging-discharging-fully charging, and it has a pair of probes to precisely measure the voltage and internal resistance of your battery as a multi meter. It also has refresh mode to eliminate memory effect of Ni-MH batteries. In addition, it has the USB output function, which can charge your power devices with max 2.4A output current.

Download the PDF file of XTAR 4-bay chargers list and see their product comparison.


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