XTAR DH1 1600 Spearfishing Light: Dive Boldly, Hunt Brightly

Feb 27, 2024 | XTAR

Attention spearfishing enthusiasts and underwater adventurers! XTAR, a leading brand of innovative diving lighting solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest addition to the flashlight line-up – Hunter DH1 1600 spearfishing light, poised to revolutionize the way divers illuminate their underwater pursuits.

The Hunter DH1 1600 spearfishing light boasts a series of outstanding features and user-friendly designs, empowering you to dive boldly and hunt brightly!

Illuminate with Precision: True 1600 Lumens Output

Step into the depths with confidence as DH1 1600 spearfishing light illuminates your underwater journey with an impressive 1600 lumens of high brightness. Experience enhanced visibility even in challenging conditions, allowing you to spot elusive fish and navigate through underwater obstacles with ease. Whether you’re diving into dark caves, or venturing into murky waters, our light’s high brightness feature ensures that nothing escapes your sight.

Extend Your Expedition: 2.5 Hours Runtime

Powered by a 21700 battery, Hunter DH1 1600 offers up to a generous runtime of 2.5 hours, ensuring your spearfishing adventures are never cut short. Enjoy prolonged dives without worrying about your light source dimming or failing midway through. You can continuously hunt or explore underwater, maximizing your chances of success.

Pinpoint Precision: Ultra-Narrow 5°Spot Beam Angle

The Hunter DH1 1600’s 5°spot beam angle, combined with 60°light beam and 355m beam throw, provide unparalleled advantages in spearfishing. By focusing the light into a narrow beam, you can illuminate distant targets with pinpoint accuracy, enhancing your ability to target and strike elusive fish hiding in tight spaces or beneath overhangs. Experience improved target acquisition and increased success rates on every dive with the DH1 1600.

Seamless Operation: One Lighting Level and Press-Button Switch

Simplify your spearfishing experience with the DH1 1600’s intuitive design. With no need to toggle between different modes, you can focus entirely on your hunt. The convenient press-button switch allows for easy operation, even with gloved hands, ensuring you can quickly activate your light when needed.

Stay Informed, Stay Prepared: Real-Time Low-Battery Alerts

Unlike traditional percentage-based indicators, which leave fishermen guessing about how much time they have left, the DH1 1600 provides precise countdown alerts in minutes. With indicator colors when you have 30 minutes and 10 minutes of runtime remaining, you can accurately plan your dives and make informed decisions about when to resurface. This way of reminding users is more intuitive, ensuring you stay safe every step of the way.

Additionally, the DH1 1600 is equipped with a mechanical lock to prevent accidental power-on, as well as reverse polarity protection. It is your reliable companion in the deep sea, even at depths of up to 100 meters.

To purchase the Hunter DH1 1600 spearfishing light and explore more details, please visit our official website or contact your nearest authorized XTAR dealer.


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