XTAR looking for assessment

Apr 10, 2019 | XTAR

Thank you for choosing XTAR in your busy schedule. We sincerely invite all users to become our product evaluators. “From the real needs of users, deep customization according to the needs of users” has always been our service pursuit, we will continue to break through and improve ourselves according to your evaluation opinions, and create more valuable products for the majority of users.

How to become an XTAR tester?

· Choose the latest XTAR products that are best for your use.

· Send relevant product evaluation links that you have already published on relevant websites or media;

·Agree to post the test product on more than one relevant website or media within 3 weeks after receiving the flashlight/charger or any XTAR products.

·Send to info@xtar.cc, within a week, we will arrange someone to connect with you.


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