XTAR RC2-200, A Multicolored Night Running and Camping Light

Aug 25, 2020 | XTAR

Do you remember the special designed Moon RC2 light? It’s a small light that can be used in the night running, camping, and daily night. Now XTAR released a new version, named RC2-200.

The new version RC2-200 keeps the unique pebble-like body shape, and small size. It’s L82.5*W55*H45mm, and net weighs only 83g. Compared with the old version, the new RC2-200 has a big upgrade on the lighting.

Four light colors
Besides the common white light, RC2-200 added another three color lights. Red color for the outdoor night. It will not only protect you and your teammates’ eyes but also be used as a signal light in rainy or foggy days. Blue light for chasing animals’ blood in hunting or checking your equipment. As you know, oil stains will turn into a darker black under blue light. Green light for night reading and fishing.
Three lighting modes
There are five common lighting levels for XTAR RC2-200, i.e. low light and high light for white color, red light, blue light and green light. In addition, there are another two lighting modes – red-blue blinking and strobe light. If your car breaks down on the road, use the red-blue blinking mode of RC2 to release a warning signal. These lighting modes can also be used in emergency contact, field searching, and SOS.

Easy to carry and use

A removable steel clip is placed at its back, therefore allowing RC2-200 to be clipped to backpack, waistband, tent and etc. This is very useful in night running and dog walking. Besides, an inserted magnet attracts any object made of iron. Install it on the top of the camping tents or cars, it will bright in a wide range and free your hands. Press the switch to turn on each lighting mode.

Micro USB charging and waterproof

A built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery permits a 9-hour runtime at LOW mode (white light 90lm) and 4-hour usage at HIGH mode (white light 200lm). At the same time, a three-level battery indication function reminds of the battery level. A micro USB port makes the RC2-200 to be charged directly via your phone cable, solar panel, or power bank. The waterproof and drop-proof make it durable in daily use.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, no matter in hiking, camping, fishing, cycling or hunting, or even just daily dog walking and night running, this XTAR RC2-200 makes you have a good experience.


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