XTAR SN4 Camera Charger Won Red Dot Design Award 2022

Mar 24, 2022 | XTAR

We are incredibly pround to announce that our product XTAR SN4 camera charger won a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022. This is a recognition generally regarded as the Oscar of the design industry.

As a well-known manufacturer in Li-ion battery charger and LED flashlight industry, XTAR always focusing on innovation. Besides the over 70 patents, XTAR won its first Red Dot Award in 2016 for its underwater photography dive light D08. Six years later, XTAR adopted the modular design to the charging bays and successfully made its first detachable camera charger XTAR SN4, which won another Red Dot Award in product design.

Most photographers carry at least two cameras and multiple lenses, especially wildlife and commercial photographers. That means they need to carry multiple batteries. Actually, there are two pain points for photographers’ power supply.

Pain point No. 1 is mess of various battery chargers and charging cables in their heavy bags. Almost all of the camera chargers on the market are available for only one model and one camera brand. When you works outdoors, you can’t even find enough power port to connect the battery charger. To solve this problem, XTAR adopted modular design to the SN4 camera charger. It can be one charging head combined with one or two interchangeable charging plates. Each module can has two bays. That is, a maximum of 4 batteries can be charged at the same time. What’s more, the charging head can be compatible with different modules. What you need is to prepare one SN4 charger head and several charging plates. Once you buy a new camera, just extend your charging plate.

Pain point No. 2 is too slow charging. A wonderful picture or scene often comes from a moment captured by the camera. So keeping the power supply is very important for photographers. But the fact is most camera chargers charge very slowly, taking several hours to fully charge a battery. The solution from XTAR is making the charging current reach up to 3A with a PD 45W adapter. Take Canon LP-E17 for example, the XTAR SN4 only need one hour to fully charge this battery. 4 times faster than other chargers. And the USB-C port make it possible for you to charge batteries outdoors and in the car whenever you want.

XTAR SN4 camera battery charger won the Red Dot Award 2022

XTAR SN4 camera batttery charger perfectly solve the pain points for power supply in photographing. The Red Dot Design Award is an affirmation of our efforts in research and development. This means so much to us, and it gives us even more motivation to keep on growing and creating functional, innovative products.

And we didn’t stop our steps. Our latest innovative product – XTAR GP2 action camera charger is upcoming. This is our first charger that supports both USB and wireless charging. It can charge any two of GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 batteries simultameously. A USB-C port makes it can charge at home or in the car. And a built-in battery storage ensures the charging in your bag when you are gopro-ing outdoors. Click here to learn more details.


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